Stay True to You

Money, looks and power. If you have any of these three, you are ahead of the game, well according to our society. We get so consumed in trying to get to the top and impressing others, we forget to take a stop and think. We forget to take a second and worry about the perception of ourselves instead of the perception of how others view us.

Preppy, punk, jock, nerd, emo are all common stereotypes that people fall into. It is done so easily too, if you go outside wearing nothing but black there are sure to be whispers about your appearance. I have seen it and I live it everyday.

Goldfish are so boring. Be a Bluefish

Appearance and style is such an important part of today’s society, we forget to remember that there is a person behind those clothes. There is a person with emotions, feeling and a heart. If someone wants to wear all black, all pink or yellow or whatever, they have the right to do so.

I disagree with a lot about clothing and fashion, but one thing it does is that it gives the ability to express yourself.

When expressing yourself, remember to act, dress and express yourself the way that YOU want to. Don’t do it because of attention, don’t do it because it will make you popular do it because it is truly you.

Don’t try to mimic what you see on television and on magazines, start your own trend and be your own person. Trends are started just for the sake of popularity. If you’re different, but you are being yourself it does not matter what anyone in the world thinks. As long as you are expressing yourself and are happy, who cares?

Be an individual, express yourself, be you.

21 thoughts on “Stay True to You

  1. Great post! Funny, because I just recently met someone, who’s attire was quite original, and instead of thinking something off-putting, I simply thought, so long as he’s happy I’m happy for him. Thanks for checking out my blog, I look forward to reading more of you.


    1. It’s another stereotype group. They are usually the dudes who wear dark clothing, have piercings and listen to rock music. It’s a silly stereotype, one of the millions out there.


      1. Thank you Vinny. I realized they were of a stereotype, just hadn’t hurd the phrase yet. I hope you realize I was joking (to some extent) about all becoming non conformists. ;)


  2. Status is power, and one way of gaining it is drawing attention to yourself – looks. People know that on the instinctual level, and some, like us, also on the conscious level. But when people align themselves along the popularity gradient by following a code of fashion, they are merely adding their own power to those who control the World of Fashion. Being yourself, therefore, is a very strong method of non-violent resistance


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