Artist’s Palette

It’s fun to imagine
the taste and touch of a colors,
and not just their appearance.

Red is said to be hot and burning with passion,
but mixed with black, the color of fear,
no one would give it a second glance.

But what if red is ice-cold and blue
is ice-hot then maybe colors need
more than just sight.

As judged on appearance alone
it would be a terrible, terrible life
for a world full of colors

colors down drain

We Never Existed

disappear girl






What if no one was there
and it was only
you and I, but neither of us existed.

I could write this poem
page after page,
forever and ever,
but it wouldn’t matter
because it was all a dream
or better yet, a mirage.

What if what I’m saying makes no sense.
What if I’m crazy?
What if I’m not?


Post #100

Thank you!

First, I would like to thank any one who has ever stumbled upon my blog and read any of my posts.

Number-100When I began this blog a couple of years ago I never expected that it would turn out the way it is now.

This blog is a timeline of my life and I like looking back on my older posts and seeing how much my writing and I have changed over time.

I have been able to connect with so many others bloggers on here, it really is amazing. I appreciate all of the feedback and opinions that I get on my writing as it keeps me motivated to keep on posting, thank you (again).

Sorry, for the boring post, but I wanted to take the time out to thank everyone.

Here is to several hundred more! (:

Down Stream


When they tremble
I tremble too. I wish I could help
give them a new meaning,

all twenty six letters line up, perfectly.
Who am I to rearrange them?

As they stand now forever they remain
cemented, together. A tight-knit family,
no comma, could break.

In my mind they are a block of ice
causing no harm floating down stream.

Why should I step on them and slip?

The pick-up and go is a feature I endeavor, but
I can only watch as letters come together
form words, curve into cursive flip around, turn
and maintain the same meaning.

It’s nothing to them, but
I’m too narrow-minded;
I wouldn’t dare
to attempt such change.

For now, I will look admire from a far
as they melt into water, drift into the current
and out toward the sea

Ignite the Sky

During the sun’s peak, I dare you, look to the sky.

Watch something majestic happen; it will leave you in awe. It’s like a change of a butterfly or how night turns back to day.

We’re all capable of it just get out side your comfort zone because you too can flourish and shimmer. Spread out your branches and be free like the leaves of fall.

Be grateful for your freedoms and never live as if your locked away without a key.


Don’t hibernate like winter make a change into fall.

What’s the worst that can happen?
A look of confusion, maybe a stare?

Strike a match and hold it up over your head. Watch as it dances swayed by the wind, inviting all to come and watch. Follow its movements, be spontaneous and bright.

Be like the bright fire above, the one in the sky, all you have to do is just open your eyes.

On the Edge


After the jump
it’s an end to the struggle
an end to the pain
and just the beginning.
A turn of a page,
a dip of new ink,
dripped across the desk
pressed against paper
forced to write a new chapter.
As words tell a story
lips could never express
in the book of everlasting

Making the Perfect Video Game



No game will ever be perfect, but according to IGN, they’ve been giving out 10 out of 10 ratings left and right, which I believe is pretty crazy. There have been games that have been outstanding, don’t get me wrong, but they are not perfect. If a game reached the perfect status then there would be no need to make another game. Every gamer would go out and by the so-called perfect game, and everyone will play happily ever after into the sunset.

Since no game will ever be perfect, well in my opinion, I have come up with a few things that I would like to see in my ideal game.

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Only for You


A tear from the sky onto the clouds
not for the world,
only for you.

A dance by the moon under the stars
not for the world,
only for you.

A reflection of sun in a sea full of darkness
not for the world,
only for you.

A light up above to help guide the way home
not for the world,
only for you.

A place in the world and meaning to live
not for the world,
only for me.

Luck or Fate?

Millions of people pay money to win the lottery. There is not one person in the world who wouldn’t like to win a few million dollars. What if by some crazy chance you happened to win?

Would you justify it by saying you were lucky or was it fate?

Being lucky or unlucky is something you are not born with. It is something that just happens. Sometimes there is no reasoning for things that happen.

People like to use the word fate because it justifies something that happened. It gives a definitive meaning to the question, why?

Many people tend to think that fate is going to lead them on their path of life. Some think that they were born with some sort of purpose or contribution that they are going to make one day. Many people who are religious believe in fate and destiny as well. I am pretty religious myself, and I think that you can have faith; it’s to hard believe in fate.

Faith is easy to have. Fate, well not so much

Finding a heads up penny on the street is considered good luck, but why? I really don’t understand who came up with this idea. Did some lucky guy find a heads up penny on the ground and this lead to his luck? Maybe, it was lucky for him, but why the heck would it be lucky for me!

The sun will rise tomorrow and life will go on if you have luck, fate, neither or both.

Without a Sparkle

Take away the glimmer, glossy effects and what is left behind?

Now walk down the street, look around and tell me what you see.

Most likely you are going to see a lot of pretty colors and bright lights. Sometimes those colors and lights are there to hide what is underneath.

There are so many things that are covered up from their true natural beauty. We live in a world covered with riddles, but no answers. Sometimes it feels as if the world is a painting with beautiful colors and brushstrokes, but behind it is a blank canvas.

It is so hard to find natural beauty in a person, but it is easy to find in nature. Just look up on a dark night and you will find it. To find beauty in a person is like going through a maze.

Lights shine all around of us, but is it really a cover up for what may be underneath?
Sure the earth shines brighter than any planet in the solar system. Look at the earth from space it is easy to get lost in its exterior beauty. The colors that shine off in the dark sky will leave you in awe.

As you get closer and closer you see the big, white puffy clouds hiding what is underneath.

Under the clouds are groups of people fighting each other to get to the top. Even people of the same race, color and generation all fighting for a chance to stand tall and look down at everyone else. It’s a pretty world we live in, but the people on it, not so much. There are a lot of people in the world with good in their heart even though it may not show.

I just hope that one day, the world from a distance will be just as beautiful as the world through a magnified glass.

Stay True to You

Money, looks and power. If you have any of these three, you are ahead of the game, well according to our society. We get so consumed in trying to get to the top and impressing others, we forget to take a stop and think. We forget to take a second and worry about the perception of ourselves instead of the perception of how others view us.

Preppy, punk, jock, nerd, emo are all common stereotypes that people fall into. It is done so easily too, if you go outside wearing nothing but black there are sure to be whispers about your appearance. I have seen it and I live it everyday.

Goldfish are so boring. Be a Bluefish

Appearance and style is such an important part of today’s society, we forget to remember that there is a person behind those clothes. There is a person with emotions, feeling and a heart. If someone wants to wear all black, all pink or yellow or whatever, they have the right to do so.

I disagree with a lot about clothing and fashion, but one thing it does is that it gives the ability to express yourself.

When expressing yourself, remember to act, dress and express yourself the way that YOU want to. Don’t do it because of attention, don’t do it because it will make you popular do it because it is truly you.

Don’t try to mimic what you see on television and on magazines, start your own trend and be your own person. Trends are started just for the sake of popularity. If you’re different, but you are being yourself it does not matter what anyone in the world thinks. As long as you are expressing yourself and are happy, who cares?

Be an individual, express yourself, be you.

Drip, Drop

Down the stretch they scampered, dripping into the final lap. Each drop struggled for pole position against the opposition. The crowd favorite, the number one rain drop in the first lane, inched out a slight lead in front of the number two drop. Whirling past the cluttered crowd, the number four made his desperation push.

The finish line drew near and the crowd rose to their stems. Leaves, trees and flowers all swayed in the wind, anticipating the number one drop to win. The number one, no! The number four, no!

Out of nowhere the number seven bolted by, with help from a nearby autumn breeze and won! On a day when the sun drifted away behind the clouds, one winner towered above all. The number seven raindrop won and quickly disappeared into the frantic media frenzy fighting for a post-game interview.

The race ended, the fans traveled home and I wandered back to my own starting line. Waiting, watching and wondering.

For many days, no, many weeks I paced back and forth near the door, hoping it would make its Hollywood appearance. The calendar pages crumbled in the corner of the room, lying like a pile of leaves a young child was about to jump into and scatter across the street.

Time, time lingered over me as if it was a gloomy, black cloud. Every day at noon, the clock would dong, dong, but my hands only grasped onto hope.

Once it appeared, I would blossom from a girl to a woman, spreading my multicolored wings. All eyes, cameras and attention would point at me, awaiting my every breath.

My ears rang and I jolted out of my chair. I picked up the hem of dress to insure it didn’t get dirty and strolled down the red carpet. On my left, the paparazzi pushed back and forth trying to snap a perfect picture. On my right, media members, pens in hand, jotted down my every action.

Flash, flash, cameras snapped pictures as I spun toward the door. Microphones shoved into my face, but I pushed them away, as I strolled on by. I reached my limo, turned back, flipped my hair and gave my crowd one more wave goodbye, knowing they constantly desired more. I flung open my limo and my chauffeur held out his hands and gave me it.

I grabbed a pair of scissors and snip, snip, sniped across the top of the box. My eyes stretched wide as a child, as she jumps into a playpen full of colorful balls. Me, I jumped into a playpen of Styrofoam peanuts.

I caressed it, held it up to the light, and watched wide-eyed as it glimmered and danced. I gently dropped it back in the box; put it in a nice cozy corner and I plopped back near the window.

I peeked back out the window waiting, watching and wondering what time the second race kicked off.