Artist’s Palette

It’s fun to imagine
the taste and touch of a colors,
and not just their appearance.

Red is said to be hot and burning with passion,
but mixed with black, the color of fear,
no one would give it a second glance.

But what if red is ice-cold and blue
is ice-hot then maybe colors need
more than just sight.

As judged on appearance alone
it would be a terrible, terrible life
for a world full of colors

colors down drain

One Reader, One Writer


between these lines,
within these margins
stories are told.
With a few letters
strung together
into words and
a hint of feeling
it can spark an emotion

and connect between
two strangers.

One reader,
one writer,
one journey both
can have,

When words run out
and the lines turn blank the
reader leaves
writer writes,
and both go on
living parallel lives
miles apart.

Always connected together
through the simplest of words

Dirty Raindrops


Drip on me your purity,
your cleanliness, and wash away
the sins, the ones I lock inside.

Take out my umbrella,
hide me under a rain coat,
and make me shutter,
drop no tear, when I cry.

No one likes being wet
when others are dry, and
no one likes dirty raindrops
when there’s nothing left to hide

Don’t Leave Me

And leave me nothing at all.

I’m fading faster and further
into the realm of non-existence
before I go, take my hand,
remind me this life isn’t as cruel
as it’s set out to be.

As I’m fading into the realm of imaginary
remember, leave me as I was:

never here,
never alive,
nothing, at all