Broken Guitar String


we can give voice to the voice-less,
sew a broken soul, and tell
stories in the matter of minutes.

We’re missing a heart, but we
have fingers and a voice.
Not artificially, no,
the words aren’t our own nor
will they ever be, but
strum us together
or apart
and let us

tell unwritten stories
through the melody of music

One Reader, One Writer

between these lines,
within these margins
stories are told.
With a few letters
strung together,
into words and
with a hint of feeling, it
can spark an emotion and


two strangers
one reader,
one writer
on a journey both
can have;

When words run out
and the lines turn blank
the reader leaves
the writer writes,
and both go on
living parallel lives
miles apart, connected together
through simplest of words

Dirty Raindrops


Drip on me your purity,
your cleanliness and wash away
the sins, the ones I lock inside.

Take out my umbrella,
hide me under a rain coat
and make me shutter
drop no tear when I cry.

No one likes being wet
when others are dry and
no one likes dirty raindrops
when there’s nothing left to hide

Curves of a Silhouette

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We envy
the silhouette
and not
the mirror

knowing a silhouette is
and above all

In reality,
a silhouette is merely
a life-less shadow
here to tell us

perfection is bliss
beauty is skin deep
and a silhouette,
above nothing else,

is a temporary stencil

Don’t Leave Me


and leave me
nothing at all.
I’m fading
into the realm of non-existence
so before I go,
take my hand,
and remind me once more
that this life isn’t as cruel
as it’s set out to be.

As I’m
and further
into the realm of imaginary
just remember to leave me
as I was,

never here, never alive and
nothing at all

Red Lipstick

Credit: mathildehenriks

Behind red lips
hides a new girl.

She’s beautiful,
sweet and
she wanted to be.

Red lips make her
a model, a star
and one who
lives for the attention.

Tell me why,
every night,
she washes her face
removes her makeup
and red lipstick
she cries black tears,
refuses to look in the mirror
and face the girl she used to be

The amazing artwork is by Mathilde. She is really talented, so go give her blog a look (:

Color Me Silent


I need you
between my fingers,
within my reach.
I promise
I won’t use you,
I’ll use you, but only for me
– sorry, I lied.
What you have
is what I desire
and I’ve gotten this far
without you here.

I’ve learned to cope
an empty-soul
a color less world
and a meaning-less being
but now
what are we waiting for?

Now that
you’re in my grasp
I need you to dance,
brush me along
with you
on the table
and color me silent