Dirty Raindrops


Drip on me your purity,
your cleanliness, and wash away
the sins, the ones I lock inside.

Take out my umbrella,
hide me under a rain coat,
and make me shutter,
drop no tear, when I cry.

No one likes being wet
when others are dry, and
no one likes dirty raindrops
when there’s nothing left to hide

40 thoughts on “Dirty Raindrops

  1. Vinny, this poem is amazing. I love this. You are so talented, it is border line insane. “no one likes dirty raindrops/when there’s nothing left to hide” this line is so pure and real and also my favorite line I have read in a long time.

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    1. You’re too sweet, thanks, Dev. It’s weird, some things I write I don’t like and others do and visa-versa; this one I was kind of that for me; I’m glad you liked it though! Hope all is well over there. I saw you started on some book stuff, so cool!


      1. Ha well it is as good as it can be right now. I wish the stuff I liked came out as well as yours does! It is really amazing! :) How are things going for you? Thanks, I am trying something new for once, breaking out of my shell.

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                    1. Nooo I won’t. You’re way too sweet to yell at. And, I agree the night is pretty calming 😌 I miss chatting with you, we should stay in touch more!


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