One Reader, One Writer


between these lines,
within these margins
stories are told.
With a few letters
strung together
into words and
a hint of feeling
it can spark an emotion

and connect between
two strangers.

One reader,
one writer,
one journey both
can have,

When words run out
and the lines turn blank the
reader leaves
writer writes,
and both go on
living parallel lives
miles apart.

Always connected together
through the simplest of words

46 thoughts on “One Reader, One Writer

  1. “The reader leaves and the writer their parallel lives miles apart” That’s put so beautifully. For the moment when the reader reads the writer’s writings, it is as if their lives cross each other and cease being parallel, just for those many minutes there is a connection and it as if the writer wrote it to reach out to the reader’s heart.

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  2. As a writer I relate to this so much. My favorite part about writing is when someone from halfway across the world is able to read my writing and relate to it even though we might not have anything in common.

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  3. “the reader leaves
    the writer writes,
    and both go on
    living parallel lives”

    I’m in love with this. It made me teary-eyed. Don’t think I’m weird, lol. Or do, I’m totally weird, but I really enjoyed this! :)

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  4. What really touched me was the idea of connected two strangers.The reality of it touched me deeply. :)


      1. Indeed! I couldn’t agree more. My class starts within 1.5hours and I’m still blogging, and I am talking to you. A YOU, Vinny, that exists somewhere in this same world we live in. Interesting concept that’s for sure. Still amazes me tho. :)

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