Ignite the Sky

During the sun’s peak, I dare you, look to the sky.

Watch something majestic happen; it will leave you in awe. It’s like a change of a butterfly or how night turns back to day.

We’re all capable of it just get out side your comfort zone because you too can flourish and shimmer. Spread out your branches and be free like the leaves of fall.

Be grateful for your freedoms and never live as if your locked away without a key.


Don’t hibernate like winter make a change into fall.

What’s the worst that can happen?
A look of confusion, maybe a stare?

Strike a match and hold it up over your head. Watch as it dances swayed by the wind, inviting all to come and watch. Follow its movements, be spontaneous and bright.

Be like the bright fire above, the one in the sky, all you have to do is just open your eyes.

16 thoughts on “Ignite the Sky

  1. wonderful writing =) i’d like to visit that tree myself!! it immediately caught my eye and had me locked in a stare for over a minute lol
    take care


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