Starlight Whispers



Give me your hand, empty your soul,
pour it out in mine, tilt over and
wash it all away
like a wave on the shore
then crash,
retreat and do it again.

no worries here, it’s so very safe
it’s the others I’d fear.

Their hunger to know,
appetite for desire,
but believe it or not
we’re all darkness inside
not only sunrises, but sunsets as well

so lend me your hand, promise, I’ll hold it tight as
we’ll dance together and pirouette through twilight



26 thoughts on “Starlight Whispers

    1. Why thank you! If it seems real then I am doing my job lol(: There are more on the way, granted I don’t get abducted by aliens, don’t worry :P


                  1. You’re right haha people definitely talk about alien abductions on a regular basis. At least here they do in the Deep South farms I don’t know about up north


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