At the Shore

My family is buried
all around me.
Mother, Father
mixed along the east coast
waiting, for a pair of hands
to give them pillars,
make them stand again,
a little closer to the sky.

One will tip me over soon.
Twice in one day,
perhaps even a third.
Best believe, I’ll be back again
pushing through the current;
high or low, it doesn’t matter.

For now,
I lay here by the ocean,
patiently waiting
for the throne of my own castle


11 thoughts on “At the Shore

  1. I think this is fabulous, especially as we approach the anniversary of Sandy. I’m from the shore and this really brought back memories; both good and bad. It did exactly what poetry is supposed to do, elicit emotion.


    1. I’m glad that you could relate to it, that is pretty amazing. That is true, it def. the goal that you are going for when you write. Awesome that you liked it!


          1. Lol yah it’s always nice when a poem turns out the way we hope. Sometimes mine surprise me tho and that’s cool too :).


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