On the Edge


After the jump
it’s an end to the struggle
an end to the pain
and just the beginning.
A turn of a page,
a dip of new ink,
dripped across the desk
pressed against paper
forced to write a new chapter.
As words tell a story
lips could never express
in the book of everlasting

31 thoughts on “On the Edge

  1. Glad to have found your blog! I love poetry…and am glad there are people brave enough to put theirs out there. I most definitely am not. Looking forward to reading more :) This one is great.


    1. Thank you very, very, very much :P I write so other people can enjoy them as well! But….. now I’m dying to see one of your poems. This must happen!(:


  2. I liked this poem a lot, it’s well written and I like the desolate feel it gives, and that polar bear really fits into all of this.

    By the way, say hello to that polar bear for me. He truly is the star of this poem, poor thing :-P


        1. Fine, it’s the greatest post in the history of posts and can never ever be topped jk lol But honestly, if it could motivate or do anything for someone else, that is beyond cool


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