Spilled Ink







It’s the
blotted all over
perfectly lined
that makes
black ink’s
dark existence
its own
distinct kind of beauty

its mistake
of being
spilled over
across the table
will push it to
adapt and live
in a new environment
while forcing it to
tap into
its true
inner beauty

the type of beauty
no artist could ever
perfectly rearrange
on his eyes

Write in Color

Etch out your idea
with a stencil and
begin with soft stroke of blue,
just inside the lines.
Then maybe a metaphor
and a simile,
make it a satire
only you could understand
keep them guessing,
wanting more.
Do it in first-person
write what you see
make it abstract,
but true to you
blend, create and
bring it to life.
Perhaps some personification,
create fingers, hands
a beating heart.
Add a coat on top,
a semi-gloss finish
dip back into water,


and do it again

On the Edge


After the jump
it’s an end to the struggle
an end to the pain
and just the beginning.
A turn of a page,
a dip of new ink,
dripped across the desk
pressed against paper
forced to write a new chapter.
As words tell a story
lips could never express
in the book of everlasting

Hit the Note


Like a treble to the bass
or a clef to a staff
high-hats led the way
and turned his lyrics into rap.

A tap of his foot
pulsed a rhythm in the sky
and a whistle from his lips
made clouds like an band passing by.

Repeated again
and again
melodies held his emotions inside.
The snare of the drums
Beat too loud
for them to hide