Tebow Time


(2016 update: Tim Tebow never got his chance at QB with the Jets; he is still the man).

It is Tebow time.

When the Jets were about to have an under the radar off-season for the first time in forever. They still somehow manage to land the biggest name in, well if not in football, but in all of the sports.

The Jets acquired Tim Tebow for a 4th and 6th round pick in the 2012 NFL draft. A low-risk move for a former playoff quarterback and a proven winner.

So what does this all mean, was it a good trade or was it a trade just to stir up some headlines.

Let’s look at it like this, as a Jets fan I am content with what Mark Sanchez has done, but am not satisfied. He has taken the Jets to two AFC title games but has lost them both. Outside fans and analysis all say that Sanchez is young, and Jet fans should be grateful for him to have taken them that far.

But what about Ben Rothlisberger for example, he won the Superbowl in his second year in the league. So there is no justice when someone says to be grateful for what Mark Sanchez has done.

Let’s talk about Tebow.

There is no denying that he is as genuine and as hard working as they come. I would have to imagine what coach would not want someone like that on their team.

What I don’t get is that people say, oh Tebow he’s a good man, but he doesn’t have the mechanics or the by the book type delivery to be successful. All that matters in the NFL are winning, it doesn’t matter how you do it, but as Herm Edwards said, “You play to win the game.”

Many argue that Tebow should just switch to a different position because he is obviously not able to be a quarterback. Tebow won both the National Championship and the Heisman as a quarterback; it is evident that the kid has some talent.

Was it all worth it?

I think it is a win, win for the Jets. If Mark Sanchez struggles for another year in a row then he deserves to get replaced, the NFL is a competition. If someone is incapable of leading your team to anything short of a Championship then they should be replaced, simple as that. Last time I checked, the Jets haven’t been in the Superbowl since 1969, the Joe Willy Namath days.

Will Tebow be starting at some point this season? Who knows? I think if Sanchez struggles, without a doubt No. 15 deserves to be under center. We will have wait and see and see how the Tebow story unfolds.


3 thoughts on “Tebow Time

  1. Truth be known, I’m more of a Giants fan. With that said, I also enjoy watching Tebow and with him success with the Jets (I’m from NY but do business in NJ). Most of all I admire his courage for standing up to the naysayers and not letting their garbage affect his game. And yes, Broadway Joe was one of my favs. Nice post and thanks for the follow too!


  2. I could imagine its hard to see a guy like Tebow go. He is what a professional athlete should be. He puts the team first and give 100% every play. But when Peyton Manning wants to be a Bronco, you do whatever you can possibly do to make it happen.

    As a Jets fan, I just hope Tebow can bring a winning attitude to the team. Even if he doesn’t start, at least light a fire under Sanchez and make him reach his potential. I can only hope!


  3. As a Tebow fan, I was disappointed to see Tebow go. But as a lifelong Bronco fan, it’s Peyton freakin’ Manning!

    I am still a fan of Tebow, though and even though I typically don’t root for the Jets, I’ll follow their games to see how #15 is improving and maturing as a person and a QB.


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