Mainstream Rap/Hip-Hop, My Thoughts 


The mic is in your hands and there is an audience hanging on your every word. What you say is broadcasted over the radio airlines and is listened to by millions of people.

Some embrace their power to spread a positive message and others don’t.

I think that radio stations are at an all time low point. A point where there needs to be a censor on some of the music that is played. It is to a point where it is getting crazy. Music artists can say whatever they want and people will listen.

They don’t care if their words spread a negative message; they just want to make a quick dollar.

Artists like Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller make music just to make money. Almost all of their songs are about money, drugs, guns, and exploiting women. There is no positive message to any of the songs that they have. Those songs are the same songs that get played on the radio because people think they are catchy and popular.

Not all artists spread a negative message. Rap artists like Lupe Fiasco, J.Cole, and Common all spread music that actually have some kind of meaning. I’m not saying every single song they have is positive, but a good majority of their music is positive. Music artists like them still don’t get much play on the radio.

Music with a negative message gets rewarded with radio air time. Music with a positive message gets put on the shelve.

The thing is that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Maybe one day someone will finally catch on and realize.