Down Stream


When they tremble
I tremble too. I wish I could help
give them a new meaning,

all twenty six letters line up, perfectly.
Who am I to rearrange them?

As they stand now forever they remain
cemented, together. A tight-knit family,
no comma, could break.

In my mind they are a block of ice
causing no harm floating down stream.

Why should I step on them and slip?

The pick-up and go is a feature I endeavor, but
I can only watch as letters come together
form words, curve into cursive flip around, turn
and maintain the same meaning.

It’s nothing to them, but
I’m too narrow-minded;
I wouldn’t dare
to attempt such change.

For now, I will look admire from a far
as they melt into water, drift into the current
and out toward the sea

Drip, Drop

Down the stretch they scampered, dripping into the final lap. Each drop struggled for pole position against the opposition. The crowd favorite, the number one rain drop in the first lane, inched out a slight lead in front of the number two drop. Whirling past the cluttered crowd, the number four made his desperation push.

The finish line drew near and the crowd rose to their stems. Leaves, trees and flowers all swayed in the wind, anticipating the number one drop to win. The number one, no! The number four, no!

Out of nowhere the number seven bolted by, with help from a nearby autumn breeze and won! On a day when the sun drifted away behind the clouds, one winner towered above all. The number seven raindrop won and quickly disappeared into the frantic media frenzy fighting for a post-game interview.

The race ended, the fans traveled home and I wandered back to my own starting line. Waiting, watching and wondering.

For many days, no, many weeks I paced back and forth near the door, hoping it would make its Hollywood appearance. The calendar pages crumbled in the corner of the room, lying like a pile of leaves a young child was about to jump into and scatter across the street.

Time, time lingered over me as if it was a gloomy, black cloud. Every day at noon, the clock would dong, dong, but my hands only grasped onto hope.

Once it appeared, I would blossom from a girl to a woman, spreading my multicolored wings. All eyes, cameras and attention would point at me, awaiting my every breath.

My ears rang and I jolted out of my chair. I picked up the hem of dress to insure it didn’t get dirty and strolled down the red carpet. On my left, the paparazzi pushed back and forth trying to snap a perfect picture. On my right, media members, pens in hand, jotted down my every action.

Flash, flash, cameras snapped pictures as I spun toward the door. Microphones shoved into my face, but I pushed them away, as I strolled on by. I reached my limo, turned back, flipped my hair and gave my crowd one more wave goodbye, knowing they constantly desired more. I flung open my limo and my chauffeur held out his hands and gave me it.

I grabbed a pair of scissors and snip, snip, sniped across the top of the box. My eyes stretched wide as a child, as she jumps into a playpen full of colorful balls. Me, I jumped into a playpen of Styrofoam peanuts.

I caressed it, held it up to the light, and watched wide-eyed as it glimmered and danced. I gently dropped it back in the box; put it in a nice cozy corner and I plopped back near the window.

I peeked back out the window waiting, watching and wondering what time the second race kicked off.

Rain, Rain, Come and Stay

What would happened if it rained 24/7? I mean nothing but rainy day, after rainy day. It sounds like a pretty good Dr. Seuss idea, or maybe similar to the children’s book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Sure, rain everyday would not seem like the ideal weather for some, but maybe rain everyday would have a greater impact than one might think.

Hey, birds! Go back inside, it’s raining! Gosh!

Rain gives you the perfect excuse to stay inside all day and be lazy. No one wants to go outside when its raining, they rather sit home, do some work around the house and read a book that they never had the chance to read. See! Already one thing that has gotten done thanks to the benefit of rain. Now let’s think a little deeper into it. Since your home and snuggled up in your house, another benefit of this would be, no need to use your car. Since there is no need to use your car, you would save money on gas and going out and spending money!

Let’s go back to 1800’s, there has been many wars fought over land, power and greed. What would happen if, the day of the war there was a huge rainstorm. No one wants to go out in the middle of a huge rain storm to fight amongst each other, they would rather settle there conflict over a nice game of cards inside! Thanks to some rain, the whole history of America could have been rewritten, well kind of!

Rainy Day Checklist

Sleep √

Chores √

Television √

Relaxation √

More sleep! √

Now back to the 2000’s, rain not only forces you to stay indoors, but it keeps you off the streets and out of trouble as well. Instead of being out on the street, you are pretty much forced to stay at home. While at home you also have to the chance to spend some time with your family. There are many people who don’t have the time to spend a few hours a day with their loved ones. This is why rain is there to help!

As you can see, rain is pretty awesome. There are many reasons why it should rain a lot more often. I am still a big fan of snow though. I would’ve made this idea up about snow, but snow is so darn annoying to clean up. Anyway, I am sorry if I offended any lovers of the beach with this idea, but a little rain can go a long way!

Superpowers, I Want One!

Wouldn’t life be so much better if you had superpowers?

I mean… come on, the ability to fly, shoot lasers from your eyes or run at the speed of light would be pretty epic. What if one day you had the ability to chose one super power that you could have for the rest of your life?

So, you wake up and check your mail for your daily bills, and you see this mysterious letter. This is no any ordinary letter, it is in a blue envelope and stamped with a yellow S-shaped logo. You look at it from all angles just to make sure it’s safe and finally get the courage to open this mysterious letter. Reading through the letter, you can’t believe what you have just read. It was from Superman himself; he has selected you to be his new sidekick. He said that you could have one (any) superpower of your choice. He also stated that he is flying over to your house tomorrow to pick you up!

What are the chances that both of them happen to use their laser beams at the same time. Gosh!

Here it is, the big decision. You thought to choose what to eat for breakfast was a tough decision but how about this one. One super power that you can have for the rest of your life. If it were me, I would have to sit down and think about this one.

Let’s start with flying; this one would be a favorite choice of many. It would be cool, but there are already other things that fly, like planes and birds. I fear that I would hit into a bird on my way to beat down some evil villain. Next, on my list would be laser beams, the kind that Cyclops from X-Men has. Laser beams are pretty awesome and would be useful if you would have to fight some evil villains. What if an evil villain had the non-breakable metal suit? Never thought of that did you, exactly. I don’t think that would be the best choice.

I think I have it. The greatest super power of all-time and it is waiting for it wait for it… invisibility! That has to be the winner, right? You could walk through walls, sneak behind villains and attack them or even sneak into the White House to see what the president does on a day-to-day basis. Invisibility would be my choice. You could even go to the supermarket, switch on the invisibility mode, take the candy bar you wanted and head on out. Invisibility would not only help against fighting villains, but it would also help you in many other ways as well.

When it comes down to it and the choice of any super power to choose for life, give me my invisibility!

If Only Superheroes Were Real

So your walking down the block in New York City. You see an old lady getting ready to cross the street. It is your picture perfect scenario to walk over there and help her. Make you feel good about helping an old lady and look like the good guy. You’re all ready to go, to wait for the right moment, hoping that a lot of people around to see you do this good deed.

All of a sudden here comes something flying toward this old lady. It is a red object, wait…no! You finally realize that it is a person hanging from the web. This mystery person swoops up the old lady, drops her on the other side of the street and continues swinging from building to building on his web like nothing ever happened. Don’t lie, if that ever happened it would be pretty awesome.

Imagine if all of your favorite superheroes came to life. All of the superheroes that we all idolized growing up, turned into reality!

Another day, another morning. You get ready to go to work once again, wake up, go outside, and you get your daily newspaper. You turn to your left to say hello to your neighbor and you see this kind of cool looking car outside of his house. Looking closer you realize that is a the Bat Mobile, the same one that you use to watch on television as a kid. Making his way out of the car is Batman himself, he looks at you, gives you a wave and continues his average day of fighting crime.

If superheroes were real, there would be no need for the police force. Just think about it, who in their right mind would want to mess with a superhero with supernatural abilities that could take you down in an instant. Well of course if you are a villain like the Green Goblin or someone like that. Besides those crazy villains, there would be no one, and I mean no one who would have every stand toe to toe with a superhero in a fight.

I am not going to mess with someone who looks like that… ripping up the ground for no reason!

Picture this; you get pulled over for going 35 mph over the speed limit. You lower your window to deal with a cop who is going to yell at you, and then you realize, it is The Hulk. Yes, the giant green guy who can crush you into pieces if you dare to give even him a funny look. I know I would say something like, “Sorry for speeding Mr. Green giant looking guy, just please don’t hurt me. It won’t happen again I promise.”

I would then take my ticket, not say a word and get the heck out of there. Of course, if you paid The Flash a few dollars, he could get you to wherever you wanted to go in lighting fast time. You would never have to worry about another speeding ticket ever again.

Is it a crazy idea to have the world with real superheroes? I don’t think so at all. I believe it is a win-win situation for everyone involved here.

Heck, let’s go as far as saying that there would be no need for a president. I think the Justice League would do a pretty good job of keeping our country safe.

2012 NFL Draft Grades: Round 1

I am going to give my grades for the first round of the 2012 NFL draft! Let’s go!

#1 Colts select: Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford  Grade: A+   This is an easy pick for the Colts here. When you give away Peyton Manning you need to make sure you have someone who can fill his shoes. This kid has the potential to do that.

#2 Redskins select: Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor Grade: A  RG3 better be as advertised. He has the skill and talent to be a star. The Redskins gave up a lot to get this pick. But if you think RG3 is a future star you give up whatever it takes to get him.

#3 Browns select: Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama Grade: B+  The Browns got exactly what they needed here. They needed a play-maker on offensive. They gave up some late picks to get here, but Richardson has Adrian Peterson like potential that you can’t pass up on. The Browns have a lot of needs that they still need to address later in the draft.

#4 Vikings select: Matt Kalil, OT, Southern California Grade: A  Ponder needed protection from his O-line and the Vikings take the best offensive linemen in the country. Helps Ponder and also helps Adrian Peterson. Solid pick here.

#5 Jaguars select: Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State Grade: A  The Jaguars move up to take a big time WR. They have had trouble through the air for a number of years. Blackmon will open up the pass game, as well as the run and draw some attention from MJD.

#6 Cowboys select: Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU Grade: A  The Cowboys needed secondary help and they really get it here. I am surprised that Claiborne fell this far. He has the skill set to be a top CB in the NFL. Pair him with Carr the Boys’ off-season pick up and now Rob Ryan can blitz as often and as much as he wants to.

#7 Buccaneers select: Mark Barron, SS, Alabama Grade: B+ Many thought that Barron was going to be picked by the Cowboys, but Claiborne slipped to them. As a result the Bucs’ get the best safety on the board, a need that they needed to fill.

#8 Dolphins select: Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M Grade: C+   The Dolphins miss out on Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn and have to settle with Tannehill. I think this is a huge risk this early in the draft, but Tannehill has the talent to be good.

#9 Panthers select: Luke Kuechly, ILB, Boston College Grade: A  Kuechly is a tackle machine. Pair that with Jon Beason who is returning off injury and you have a dangerous core of linebackers. Great solid pick, you know what you are going to get with Kuechly. He draws many Brian Urlacher comparisons.

#10 Bills select: Stephon Gilmore, CB, South Carolina Grade: B The Bills had a lot of needs to fill and getting the second best corner in the draft fills one of their needs. They have Mario Williams on the inside and Gilmore on the outside balancing out their defensive attack.

#11 Chiefs select: Dontari Poe, DT, Memphis Grade: C  Poe is a very risky pick for the Chiefs here. The last big man they took Glen Dorsey still has not met his potential. Poe could follow suit of Dorsey. He is big and quick and has the talent, but tends to be too inconstant even against lower talented college teams in the division.

#12 Eagles select: Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi State Grade: B- The Eagles move up to grab Cox. He is fills a need for them in the middle and has covers the field from end to end. He is a good big body on the front line that the Eagles needed.

#13 Cardinals select: Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame Grade: B+ He is faster than Blackmon and has the same big play ability as him. His problems come off the field and staying out of trouble. The talent is there to become a great wide-out opposite Larry Fitzgerald. Opposing teams better fear this 1-2 combo.

#14 Rams select: Michael Brockers, DT, LSU Grade: B- The Rams needed help on their D-Line and they address it here. Brockers has the talent, but still has not reached his full potential. He is a pick that fills a need.

#15 Seahawks select: Bruce Irvin, OLB, West Virginia Grade: D  This was the most surprising pick of the draft here. They take a 2nd or 3rd round talent here. Irvin is a speedy pass rusher, but that is about all he is. With a lot of other talented pass rushers on the board this pick is a surprise here.

#16 Jets select: Quinton Coples, DE, North Carolina Grade: B  The Jets needed help on the D-Line and that is what they got. Coples has the size, strength and talent to be great. He is not very consistent and does not have a high motor. Rex Ryan is hoping that he could help Coples reach his full potential and not turn into another Vernon Gholston.

#17 Bengals select: Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama Grade: B  Kirkpatrick has the tools to be a solid corner. He was once considered a top talent, but his stock dropped as the draft approached. Pair him with Leon Hall and that helps the Bengals secondary where they needed a lot of help.

#18 Chargers select: Melvin Ingram, OLB, South Carolina Grade: B  Ingram was projected to be in the top 10 and the Chargers get good value here. Some question his size and arm length, but Ingram plays with a high motor and can play almost any position on the field.

#19 Bears select: Shea McClellin, OLB, Boise State Grade: B–  The Bears grab a solid linebacker here. They would’ve went DE to add another dynamic pass pusher along side Julius Pepper, but they take the LB. Either way the Bears needed help on defense and they get it.

#20 Titans select: Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor Grade: B  Wright gives the Titans the big play receiver that they need. They have a young QB who now has two young WR’s to throw to in Kenny Britt and Kendall Wright. Wright is a home run type receiver that adds another piece to the Titans offense.

#21 Patriots select: Chandler Jones, DE, Syracuse Grade: A-   The Patriots will take all of the help on defense that they can get. Jones has top 10 type talent and the Patriots trade up to get him here. He is strong and has good vision that will help him at the next level.

#22 Browns select: Brandon Weeden, QB, Oklahoma State Grade: C+  The 28-year-old has a skill set to be a good NFL QB in the league. He beat RG3 and Luck head to head, but you have to think that his age only gives him about 5-7 years in the league. Take that plus he has to win the QB job and has to produce right away.

#23 Lions select: Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa Grade: A  One of the top OL in the draft. He was a projected top 15 pick and the Lions get him here at #23 pick. He fills a much-needed for the Lions and can give Mathew Stafford some time to breathe.

#24 Steelers select: David DeCastro, OG, Stanford Grade: A  When it comes to drafting linemen the Steelers are the best. They take the former lineman for Andrew Luck here. The Steelers always build their teams from the inside out and this pick proves just that.

#25 Patriots select: Dont´a Hightower, ILB, Alabama Grade: C+  The Patriots traded up once again to take Hightower. He really doesn’t have a set position and could be undersized depending where he would lineup on defense. He still has the skill set to produce at the next level.

#26 Texans select: Whitney Mercilus, DE, Illinois Grade: C+  Mercilus had a big 2011 season that really raised his draft stock. He has the athletics and the high motor, but still lacks the technique and finesse you want in a DE.

#27 Bengals select: Kevin Zeitler, OG, Wisconsin Grade: B  The Bengals get some help on the offensive line here. Zeitler is a tough, player between the trenches. He has the work ethic and is good against both the run and the pass.

#28 Packers select: Nick Perry, DE, Southern California Grade: C+  Perry is undersized for his position and sometimes get lost among larger tackles. That being said he still is fast and has the quickness you would want in a DE. There were some better option still on the board such as Courtney Upshaw.

#29 Vikings select: Harrison Smith, SS, Notre Dame Grade: B+  The Vikings get the second best SS in the draft. A big hitter with a big frame. They need a lot of help in the secondary and this was a good pick to fill the void. Smith was the captain on Notre Dame and the Vikings need a captain to step up in their defense.

#30 49ers select: A.J. Jenkins, WR, Illinois Grade: B–  Jenkins has the speed to open up the 49ers offense. He gives the opposing defensive something to worry about other than Frank Gore. Any wide receiver would be an upgrade over what they have now.

#31 Buccaneers select: Doug Martin, RB, Boise State Grade: B+  Martin is a good pick and good compliment to Legarrett Blount. He is tough between the tackles and has the explosivness to still get to the next level. I think this is the 2nd of two solid picks for the Buccaneers in this draft.

#32 Giants select: David Wilson, RB, Virginia Tech Grade: B  With Brandon Jacobs now with the 49ers the Giants took no time to replace him. They would’ve went many different ways with this pick such as an a linebacker or offensive linemen, but the Giants get another home run hitter to go with Ahmad Bradshaw.

2016 update: I regret my #2, #3 and #15 grades, but the rest aren’t too bad.