Die a Hero or Live a Villain?

“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

Harvey Dent spoke these words in the final scene of the movie, Batman: The Dark Knight. It is a quote that leaves you thinking and gives you the ultimatum of either dying a hero or living as a villain.

Obviously, this is a life-changing decision.

Being a hero is a prestigious honor. A hero is someone who is looked up to, someone who is there for others to help them decide between good and evil. At the same time, being a hero is a dangerous task. It means standing up for something that you believe in and defending it to the death.

There are all different kinds of heroes. These heroes can range from sports athletes in the field to any army solider on the battlefield. Being a hero is not an easy job, it a lifestyle. Would you risk it all? Are you willing to take a bullet just to die with this prestigious title?

Hero or Villain? What side do you choose?

A villain is pretty much the anti-hero; the person who does not have a drop of kindness or remorse for anyone. They are there only to make sure that the hero doesn’t achieve their goal.

There are villains in our everyday life, and they are the same people who hate to see others succeed and believe that no one else can achieve happiness unless it includes them.

Some people embrace the villain role while there are others who feel sorry for villains. Many flourish when faced with evil and may not even know it. They enjoy the hate and love being be the villain. They love being the rebel and stand for everything that is wrong, but is it worth it?

Would you want to live with the title of being a villain and having the world turned against you?

In the famous quote by Harvey Dent, he said that if you have the chance to die a hero and don’t take it, then you will eventually turn into a villain.

Taking the chance to die, means you are indeed a hero. Standing for something and risking death, are traits only heroes have.

After seeing both sides of the quote and thinking it over, I think I would much rather die a hero.

Some people believe in something but aren’t willing sacrifice to show their true belief. I believe if you are willing to sacrifice your life for something you believe in, it illustrates the kind of person you are. It proves that you are indeed a hero no matter what anyone says and you willing to pay the ultimate price to prove it.