Passing Glance






Do you remember
the smile
you gave me
as we passed
through the hallway
at nine thirty on
Monday morning?

Well I do and
I took your smile as my own.
I hope you don’t mind.

I woke up in the morning,
looked in the mirror
and saw a new me.

Years went by
I grew older
and I changed,
my new reflection
never did.

I guess I’ll never know
if that smile was for me,
but thank you

At the Shore

My family is buried
all around me.
Mother, Father
mixed along the east coast
waiting, for a pair of hands
to give them pillars,
make them stand again,
a little closer to the sky.

One will tip me over soon.
Twice in one day,
perhaps even a third.
Best believe, I’ll be back again
pushing through the current;
high or low, it doesn’t matter.

For now,
I lay here by the ocean,
patiently waiting
for the throne of my own castle