Sunkissed-MeadowsEver wonder
why the sun rises
only to stay for a while
then set into darkness?

Perhaps it’s the same
as why the moon can’t
spend an entire day.

As they take turns
back and forth
I wonder if
we’re better off in the dark

In the light we are exposed
a power-hungry planet,
even behind
a mid-afternoon sun
it still can’t mask
all of our flaws.

We can sit and soak
in the darkness
as the moon comes through the window
or wait
wait for the sun to rise
and turn on the lights

After the Storm

Neither a word nor whisper in the air.
A man staggers down the street
caressing a photograph in his hand.
Wind gusts swirl through a tortured town,
toward a new destination;
tall, marvelous buildings now
undressed with their gowns lying on the floor

Birds creep into cracks; they
have no songs left to sing.

Tears trickle down the man’s face as
his lips draw a blank,
memories flash in his head.

The sun, a familiar visitor,
rises to watch and spread love to the survivors

Onward to the next town,
the wind lifts picks up the photograph
for a roller coaster ride.

A school of fish once splashed in the sea,
now stuck to the sand.

The man says a final goodbye;
his picture swirls toward the sky

Rain, Rain, Come and Stay

What would happened if it rained 24/7? I mean nothing but rainy day, after rainy day. It sounds like a pretty good Dr. Seuss idea, or maybe similar to the children’s book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Sure, rain everyday would not seem like the ideal weather for some, but maybe rain everyday would have a greater impact than one might think.

Hey, birds! Go back inside, it’s raining! Gosh!

Rain gives you the perfect excuse to stay inside all day and be lazy. No one wants to go outside when its raining, they rather sit home, do some work around the house and read a book that they never had the chance to read. See! Already one thing that has gotten done thanks to the benefit of rain. Now let’s think a little deeper into it. Since your home and snuggled up in your house, another benefit of this would be, no need to use your car. Since there is no need to use your car, you would save money on gas and going out and spending money!

Let’s go back to 1800’s, there has been many wars fought over land, power and greed. What would happen if, the day of the war there was a huge rainstorm. No one wants to go out in the middle of a huge rain storm to fight amongst each other, they would rather settle there conflict over a nice game of cards inside! Thanks to some rain, the whole history of America could have been rewritten, well kind of!

Rainy Day Checklist

Sleep √

Chores √

Television √

Relaxation √

More sleep! √

Now back to the 2000’s, rain not only forces you to stay indoors, but it keeps you off the streets and out of trouble as well. Instead of being out on the street, you are pretty much forced to stay at home. While at home you also have to the chance to spend some time with your family. There are many people who don’t have the time to spend a few hours a day with their loved ones. This is why rain is there to help!

As you can see, rain is pretty awesome. There are many reasons why it should rain a lot more often. I am still a big fan of snow though. I would’ve made this idea up about snow, but snow is so darn annoying to clean up. Anyway, I am sorry if I offended any lovers of the beach with this idea, but a little rain can go a long way!