He hides behind a new sea of camouflage
shades of green and brown colors
similar to the terrain he fights on:

it’s what he breaths now,
it consumes him
it’s his new norm.

He’s killed a man in cold-blood
and strangled another until his last breath.
He won’t let it be told
nor will he ever tell his family
or seven-year-old daughter;
he doesn’t want her dad to become the enemy.

He sits there alone in the desert,
under the stars as his camouflage colors
turn into shades of greys and blacks
for he is a man who has lost himself, behind army lines.

At home, he imagines
his daughter sitting on the window sill,
waiting for his return and running
down the front stairs and into his arms
before he can make it to the door.

The image shoots warmth through his veins
into his heart not for if
his moment will ever happen but when.

She doesn’t know it, maybe never will,
he stay alive for her
she is his hero

Passing Glance






Do you remember
the smile
you gave me
as we passed
through the hallway
at nine thirty on
Monday morning?

Well I do and
I took your smile as my own.
I hope you don’t mind.

I woke up in the morning,
looked in the mirror
and saw a new me.

Years went by
I grew older
and I changed,
my new reflection
never did.

I guess I’ll never know
if that smile was for me,
but thank you

White Chalk Lines


Looking at the Crayola drawings
hung up on the cabinet, take
me back to the time.
I was no longer by your side
but a part of a crowd
of whispers.

I was not ready to leave you
even the first class bell
made me jump,
it was like the alarm clock
I would learn to hate.

It reminds me of
that Elementary School black top,
you know, the one with the
white chalk lines
marking each grade.

As I stood there,
hands in my pockets,
afraid to reach out to
someone new,

But years later, now
I know why you let me go,
so I could keep coming home
to thank you

Dandelion Flower Seeds






One blow
frees the seeds
from its stem
coupled with a wish
it travels


washed up
along the riverside.
Picked up by
a wide-eyed child
with dirt-filled fingernails
as she goes to the water
to wash her hands.

She notices flower seeds
without a stem
where its beauty has gone