Perfectly Imperfect

Tell me how this sounds, the perfect life, looks and family.

All of these things sound pretty good, right? Many strive to be perfect, aspire to be presidents, and world leaders. It has been taught that practice makes perfect and anything short of perfection was not acceptable. I believe perfection is a goal that is not obtainable.

Growing up I have always tried to make my parents proud. When I did something wrong I made it hard on myself to learn from my mistakes and get better. A speeding ticket here, argument there, and I knew I was not perfect.

When it came time to take a placement test for college I scored well below the high expectations I set for myself. Because I scored poorly, I needed to take three extra classes before I could start taking my normal classes.

The thing that hurt the most was the extra money it cost my parents to pay for the classes and it was all because I couldn’t reach the standards I set for myself.

With a tear in my eyes, I promised to change and never fall short of my goals. I improved my grades, lowered my high expectations and really put the word perfect in perspective.

Today many people adore celebrities, athletes and musicians. They live a life that many want and want to have. These groups of people in the higher anarchy of life are considered perfect to many. Even though they are considered perfect, it still doesn’t mean that they are perfect, and I am sure many feel they aren’t.

There are many celebrities who are talented, but not perfect. Someone may be a good singer, but they aren’t perfect, which is why they practice every day.

Even getting a 100 on a test and having a 4.0 GPA is wonderful, but it isn’t perfect.


It just means that you put time and dedication into school and you are rewarded for it by getting good grades. Does it mean that you are better than anyone else? It means that you might know more about what you studied, but still nowhere near perfect, it doesn’t make you the perfect student.

It means 4.0 students and people who dropped out of high school both watch the same sunrise in the morning and the same sunset at night.

Both still people in the same world, but one may be stronger in certain aspects in life than another, and it doesn’t make them a better of a person.

Perfection will never be achieved. I’m sorry it’s true.

Instead of worrying about being perfect, worry about being happy and being the best person that you can be. Worry about helping others and helping them become happy and become a better person that is something that perfection can never do.

Look Beyond Looks

What does the word beautiful mean?

Is it what the media tells us or is it really that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Personally, I believe beauty is defined by what the media says.

Many people take one look in a mirror, and they look away. They say to themselves that they are not “beautiful”  and say that they don’t have the perfect eyes, nose, or smile.  Then again what does the word, perfect actually mean? The answer is the word, perfect, and the word beautiful is whatever you want it to say. It is perception.

The only point of a mirror is for someone at themselves and find their flaws instead of identifying their something good about them self. Even so-called actors and actresses look in the mirror and even though they are considered “perfect” they can still point out flaws about themselves.

If these “beautiful” people thought they were fine the way they are then why do they go out and spend millions of designer clothes and cosmetic surgery?

Beyonce is the 2012 most beautiful woman. What makes her “beautiful”?

Look at any front page of a magazine and tell what do you see. You see the media’s idea of the most attractive person.

Why is this the model of what is considered beautiful?

Instead of having the most attractive person on the cover of a  magazine, how about you put someone who as actually made in impact on someone’s life. Try putting someone in the spotlight who has invented something that made a difference or maybe someone who spent their time helping others. Those are people who deserve to be on magazine covers and have cameras follow them around.

Next time you look into the mirror, think.

I want you to think, is this what I want to be? Do these clothes, shoes, and style fit who I am?

Make sure you are being the person that you want to be and not the person you want others to think you are. Stay true to yourself and don’t change for anyone, no matter what others think of you.

People can call you unattractive and this and that, but so what?

That is their opinion and who cares what they may think. Want to know the real definition of beautiful?  The people who don’t judge a book by a cover are the definition of beautiful.

Someone who can be them self without worrying what others think of them is what the word “beautiful” really means.