Superpowers, I Want One!

Wouldn’t life be so much better if you had superpowers?

I mean… come on, the ability to fly, shoot lasers from your eyes or run at the speed of light would be pretty epic. What if one day you had the ability to chose one super power that you could have for the rest of your life?

So, you wake up and check your mail for your daily bills, and you see this mysterious letter. This is no any ordinary letter, it is in a blue envelope and stamped with a yellow S-shaped logo. You look at it from all angles just to make sure it’s safe and finally get the courage to open this mysterious letter. Reading through the letter, you can’t believe what you have just read. It was from Superman himself; he has selected you to be his new sidekick. He said that you could have one (any) superpower of your choice. He also stated that he is flying over to your house tomorrow to pick you up!

What are the chances that both of them happen to use their laser beams at the same time. Gosh!

Here it is, the big decision. You thought to choose what to eat for breakfast was a tough decision but how about this one. One super power that you can have for the rest of your life. If it were me, I would have to sit down and think about this one.

Let’s start with flying; this one would be a favorite choice of many. It would be cool, but there are already other things that fly, like planes and birds. I fear that I would hit into a bird on my way to beat down some evil villain. Next, on my list would be laser beams, the kind that Cyclops from X-Men has. Laser beams are pretty awesome and would be useful if you would have to fight some evil villains. What if an evil villain had the non-breakable metal suit? Never thought of that did you, exactly. I don’t think that would be the best choice.

I think I have it. The greatest super power of all-time and it is waiting for it wait for it… invisibility! That has to be the winner, right? You could walk through walls, sneak behind villains and attack them or even sneak into the White House to see what the president does on a day-to-day basis. Invisibility would be my choice. You could even go to the supermarket, switch on the invisibility mode, take the candy bar you wanted and head on out. Invisibility would not only help against fighting villains, but it would also help you in many other ways as well.

When it comes down to it and the choice of any super power to choose for life, give me my invisibility!

Die a Hero or Live a Villain?

“You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

Harvey Dent spoke these words in the final scene of the movie, Batman: The Dark Knight. It is a quote that leaves you thinking and gives you the ultimatum of either dying a hero or living as a villain.

Obviously, this is a life-changing decision.

Being a hero is a prestigious honor. A hero is someone who is looked up to, someone who is there for others to help them decide between good and evil. At the same time, being a hero is a dangerous task. It means standing up for something that you believe in and defending it to the death.

There are all different kinds of heroes. These heroes can range from sports athletes in the field to any army solider on the battlefield. Being a hero is not an easy job, it a lifestyle. Would you risk it all? Are you willing to take a bullet just to die with this prestigious title?

Hero or Villain? What side do you choose?

A villain is pretty much the anti-hero; the person who does not have a drop of kindness or remorse for anyone. They are there only to make sure that the hero doesn’t achieve their goal.

There are villains in our everyday life, and they are the same people who hate to see others succeed and believe that no one else can achieve happiness unless it includes them.

Some people embrace the villain role while there are others who feel sorry for villains. Many flourish when faced with evil and may not even know it. They enjoy the hate and love being be the villain. They love being the rebel and stand for everything that is wrong, but is it worth it?

Would you want to live with the title of being a villain and having the world turned against you?

In the famous quote by Harvey Dent, he said that if you have the chance to die a hero and don’t take it, then you will eventually turn into a villain.

Taking the chance to die, means you are indeed a hero. Standing for something and risking death, are traits only heroes have.

After seeing both sides of the quote and thinking it over, I think I would much rather die a hero.

Some people believe in something but aren’t willing sacrifice to show their true belief. I believe if you are willing to sacrifice your life for something you believe in, it illustrates the kind of person you are. It proves that you are indeed a hero no matter what anyone says and you willing to pay the ultimate price to prove it.

If Only Superheroes Were Real

So your walking down the block in New York City. You see an old lady getting ready to cross the street. It is your picture perfect scenario to walk over there and help her. Make you feel good about helping an old lady and look like the good guy. You’re all ready to go, to wait for the right moment, hoping that a lot of people around to see you do this good deed.

All of a sudden here comes something flying toward this old lady. It is a red object, wait…no! You finally realize that it is a person hanging from the web. This mystery person swoops up the old lady, drops her on the other side of the street and continues swinging from building to building on his web like nothing ever happened. Don’t lie, if that ever happened it would be pretty awesome.

Imagine if all of your favorite superheroes came to life. All of the superheroes that we all idolized growing up, turned into reality!

Another day, another morning. You get ready to go to work once again, wake up, go outside, and you get your daily newspaper. You turn to your left to say hello to your neighbor and you see this kind of cool looking car outside of his house. Looking closer you realize that is a the Bat Mobile, the same one that you use to watch on television as a kid. Making his way out of the car is Batman himself, he looks at you, gives you a wave and continues his average day of fighting crime.

If superheroes were real, there would be no need for the police force. Just think about it, who in their right mind would want to mess with a superhero with supernatural abilities that could take you down in an instant. Well of course if you are a villain like the Green Goblin or someone like that. Besides those crazy villains, there would be no one, and I mean no one who would have every stand toe to toe with a superhero in a fight.

I am not going to mess with someone who looks like that… ripping up the ground for no reason!

Picture this; you get pulled over for going 35 mph over the speed limit. You lower your window to deal with a cop who is going to yell at you, and then you realize, it is The Hulk. Yes, the giant green guy who can crush you into pieces if you dare to give even him a funny look. I know I would say something like, “Sorry for speeding Mr. Green giant looking guy, just please don’t hurt me. It won’t happen again I promise.”

I would then take my ticket, not say a word and get the heck out of there. Of course, if you paid The Flash a few dollars, he could get you to wherever you wanted to go in lighting fast time. You would never have to worry about another speeding ticket ever again.

Is it a crazy idea to have the world with real superheroes? I don’t think so at all. I believe it is a win-win situation for everyone involved here.

Heck, let’s go as far as saying that there would be no need for a president. I think the Justice League would do a pretty good job of keeping our country safe.