Top 4 – Ways to Prepared for a Zombie Attack!

Scary zombie, run! Wait… why are you wearing jeans and shoes? :P
The sky is black and all of the electricity is off.  No street lights or anything, only light from the moon and stars illuminate the sky. All of a sudden, running towards you are millions of hungry zombies eating everything in sight!

I know that I will never understand the obsession over the new zombie and vampire trends. One thing I do know,  it would be pretty cool if there ever was a real zombie attack.

It’s 6 a.m. and you turn on the news to see what is going on around the world. This is what you see scrolling at the bottom of the television…

BREAKING NEWS: Zombie attack coming in 24 hours. Be prepared… or else.

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Top 3 – Best Mario Spin-Off Games

Everyone knows Mario.

Let’s face it, the guy is pretty much a global icon. He has kept us up many nights past our bedtime just so we can step on some goombas and jump on some turtles. Super Mario Bros on the classic Nintendo is where he really took off. Then came Super Mario Bros 2 and 3. Mario likes to save Princess Peach from castles, but he enjoys other activities as well. He is pretty versatile believe it or not.

Some (non-popular) Mario games have been swept under the rug. I am going to bring back the memories and list the top Mario spin-off games of all time (in my opinion).

#3 Mario Party

Take all of the Mario characters that we have loved over the years and throw them on a virtual board game (sounds awesome, right?). Throw in dice to roll, some coins and a star to collect and you have party…. a Mario Party. This is the ultimate, quick, fun, sit down and play Mario game. There have been 9 Mario Party games (so far, since this post) and I think Nintendo can make 100 of them.

The basis of the game is to win mini-games and collect coins. In Monopoly when you pass Go, you get $200. Instead of gaining $200 in Mario Party, if you have enough coins you can exchange them for stars. Whoever has the most stars when the game is over, wins! This game is a lot of fun especially when playing with a lot of friends. Definitely worth of a spot in the top Mario spin-off games.

#2 Mario Tennis

Mario loves his sports. There have been games such as Mario Golf, Mario Baseball, Mario Basketball and Mario Soccer. I would not be surprised to see Mario Volleyball. Let’s not forget about Mario Tennis either which makes #2 on my list.

Mario Tennis is not like regular tennis. Sorry to say but, tennis on television is pretty boring. Two people hit a little, green ball back and forth over a net until someone misses. That is not very exciting at all, but when you add Mario and his gang to the mix, it is a lot of fun. Mario Tennis has backhands and even drop shots. It still stays true to the game of tennis, but for some reason it is a lot more fun than real tennis. It is faster paced and playing doubles with a friend makes it even more exciting.

Mario Tennis for the N64 was fun, but Mario Power Tennis for the GameCube is a lot better. In the GameCube version, players have a special shot that adds a whole new element to the game. Take Diddy Kong for instance. When you use his special shot he will automatically go to the ball and hit is back. It is not your normal return though, he puts a crazy banana shaped curve on the ball, making it hard to hit back. This game takes tennis to the next level. I sometimes wish real life tennis was exciting like it is in Mario Tennis.

#1 Mario Kart

Who even knew that Mario was old enough to drive? I honestly never knew he was able to. I also didn’t know that a dinosaur and a monkey were capable of operating a vehicle. I have no clue who passed them for their drivers licenses. Whoever it was, I would have to thank them.

Mario Kart is the hands down #1 Mario spin-off.

There have been Mario Kart games released for handheld systems like the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 3DS. The classic Mario Karts on the N64 and GameCube is where it’s  at. Mario Kart puts Mario and his crew behind the wheel of go-karts and lets them race to the finish. It is no simple three lap race though. There are items that you can pick up along the way. Some of them include, shells that you can throw at other divers and bananas that you can place down, in hope that your opponent drives over it and spins off the track.

Mario Kart first started off as one person behind the wheel. Then Mario Kart Double Dash was released on the GameCube that featured two drivers on one cart. One driver would throw the items and the other would drive the cart (you could switch back and forth between drivers). Each character has a special item, similar to special shots in Mario Tennis. The courses are awesome as well. Courses take place in deserts, jungles and even on top of Daisy’s Cruiser. Yes, you get to drive on a yacht in the middle of the ocean.

Mario Kart is a classic and is my #1 Mario spin-off game! (Debate below!)

Top 4 – Sports Uniforms

When you play a sport it has to be done in style, it is a fact.

After that game winning shot or walk off home run for the win, it better be done looking good. I’m going to take a look at the best looking uniforms in sports today!

ImageNFL – Carolina Panthers

Now that the Panthers finally have a good QB under center, it is time that someone shows their jerseys some respect. The blue and the black combo is pretty awesome. You pair that with a pretty mean looking panther for the logo and I think it looks pretty fresh. I like the complimentary silver touch to it as well.


NHL – Anaheim Ducks

These aren’t the Mighty Ducks from the movie. The Anaheim Ducks go with the black and gold colors. I think anything black and gold, has that swagger to it. That feel like, don’t mess with the ducks or else. I do love the old school white and purple Mighty Ducks uniforms from the movie too. Goldberg could not be messed with in the net rocking the purple.


NBA – New York Knicks

These jerseys are classics dating back to the Walt Frazier days. When you see the blue and orange you know that you are facing the Knicks. I just think the history behind the team and colors really make these jerseys what they are. There has been some altercations from the original logo and lettering, but these Knick jerseys are definitely classics.


MLB – Atlanta Braves

The blue, the red and the cool script A for the logo just go together perfect. I like the Braves jerseys because they are simple and not overly flashy. Compared to some of the other overly colorful jerseys in the league, like the Miami Marlins for example. The Braves manage to keep that fresh, clean look.

Top 3 – Best Mario Characters of All Time


It comes down to this; a bunch of classic characters, but only one can be the best!

It is an epic showdown of… who is the greatest “Mario” character from back in the day (and current times). I call them the classic “Mario” characters because they were never creative enough to come up with an amazing group name (lol). I’m going to narrow it down to the top 3… then pick a winner.


Mario is an Italian plumber, no seriously he is. Mario could be called the leader of this group and he obviously is the most popular. I get the outfit and all, but one must think that it would get a little uncomfortable running around in suspenders all day.  This guy’s life mission is to save Princess Peach from Bowser (evil bad guy). I just don’t get this dude though. So, Peach runs off and Mario saves her… and then she runs off again…. and once again. Mario is there for the save. Just give it up already Mario, you already saved her once, and you really don’t need to every single time.


What more is there to say. This little green guy has a giant tongue and can fly, well not for a long time, but I count it as flying. He even lets Mario jump on his back and ride him, making him by far the nicest dinosaur I have ever seen. Yoshi actually saved Mario back on Yoshi’s Island (for the Super Nintendo. No, not the terrible 3DS remake).  Without Yoshi, there would be no Mario or Luigi. What other dinosaur would let you sit on their back? (as I mentioned). Exactly, there is no other.

Donkey Kong

The king of the jungle himself. Back in the day Mario and Donkey Kong used to be rivals. Donkey Kong was always throwing barrels at Mario as he tried to climb some ladders and save Princess Peach. Over time Donkey Kong turned to the good side, eventually leading to him and Mario putting aside their differences. Donkey Kong, with his side kick Diddy Kong, were a dynamic one-two punch. Donkey and Diddy ran through Donkey Kong Country together stepping on alligators and riding on frogs. Donkey Kong AKA DK is also known for his DK rap, if you don’t know what it is, I recommend you check it out, its pretty epic.

Three classic characters, but only one can win.

The winner is…

… wait for it…..

wait for it….


Let’s face it without Yoshi there would never be a Mario game. If he would’ve never delivered Mario and Luigi to their parents, Mario would never have been anywhere near as popular as he was today. Who knows what would’ve happened to him?

I guess that it kind of helps that Yoshi is my favorite character, so I’m a little biased. But…. he wins!

Honorable Mention:

  • Toad
  • Peach
  • Luigi

Top 5 – Shows of the 90’s Nickelodeon Edition

I am going to break down the top shows of the 90’s on Nickelodeon. Honestly, this might have been the hardest list to create . I grew up on these shows, so it’s so hard to choose and rank them. I’m sure everyone has their opinions on their favorites, but here are my top 5!

# 5 Rugrats

What more is there to say. Babies who can talk, get in and out of trouble and grow up right before our eyes. The best episodes of the Rugrats were when they were all babies before Dill Pickles came along. After they grew up and had the Rugrats All Grown Up season, that is when I turned out.

#4 Rocket Power


To this day, I still don’t know, “Who put the sand in the potato salad.” Inside Rocket Power joke right there. Otto, Twister, Reggie and the Squid make up the gang. I wish I had the life they do. They live near the beach, get free food because Otto and Reggie’s dad own the “Shake Shack” and just skate/surf all day. Have to say that the Squid is my favorite character, the poor guy is always trying to avoid danger, but still trying to fit in with the crew. Don’t forget Tito and his amazing Hawaiian flashbacks either.

#3 Doug


Doug Funny might be the greatest name ever. When you pair him with Patty Mayonnaise, a dog Porkchop and his best friend Skeeter, who is blue, you have an incredible show. Doug initially started off on Nickelodeon and also aired on Disney, but I’m counting it as a Nickelodeon show because that’s where I watched my daily Doug. Quailman was Doug’s alter ego who fought crime, and that guy would make me laugh every time, just on the outfit alone. Doug introduced us to the greatest band in cartoon history, The Beets. Their songs still run through my head from time to time.

#2 Kennan and Kel


Kennan and Kel is classic. This show is hilarious, one of the funniest shows I have ever seen. Kel and his love for orange soda are kind of weird, but pretty much sums up what the show. Kel is the trouble maker while Kennan is the sidekick, kind of like Batman to Robin. Kennan and Kel are just an amazing as a pair. That is why Good Burger, which is the movie starring both Kennan and Kel, is in my top five movies of all time.

#1 Hey Arnold!


Here is my #1 pick. Honestly, my favorite show of all time. I watch Hey Arnold even today. Arnold, Gerald, Stinky, Helga, Sid, Grandpa, Jolly Olly Man, Stoop Kid trust me the list goes on. Not only is it funny, but you still get that take home moral lesson at the end of the episode. My favorite episode has to be the snow one. Epic episode. Amazing show.

Honorable Mention

  • CatDog
  • SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Rocko’s Modern Life