Build up an appetite
and crave for me, my words.

Salivate at the mouth,
let your taste buds lust for them.
Slowly pick apart
each metaphor, emotion, piece of
punctuation, and chose your favorite;
put my words on your plate.

Tilt back your head, mix in saliva,
keep them moist, give them flavor,
and swallow them.

Let my letters mix flow down your esophagus,
some won’t go down smooth, edges are sharp.
Once they reach the stomach, bask in their flavor;
appreciate my words from the inside and out.

Crave, want,
my words.

14 thoughts on “Salivate

      1. I am pretty nice, huh? ;) I took a break from it, too. It has been so lovely to get back to it. I saw your little photo there when I posted and popped over to see your page. Hopefully, you will get the itch to write soon. :)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Or maybe I just miss chatting with you too! We should catch up on Facebook or Instagram 😊 But yes, I’ve had these writings in me for too long, I need to let them out lol


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