She is Poison

girl dark emo

She envies shades of black and purple,
doesn’t fear skull and bones,
and loves the translucent pain in her veins
for the world to see.

She is surrounded by broken glass,
shattered nightmares and visions of
life as a normal.

It’s the liquid that consumes her,
manipulates her mind
and turns her black inside.

She savors every last drop of poison as it
blurs her memory, creates an alternate reality
and takes her mind to places it can never reach.

She is danger.
Her blood bleeds black.
She is poison.


32 thoughts on “She is Poison

      1. I don’t regret it, I have learned how to cope in better ways since then. I rather have experienced that earlier in life, than now when it really could get out of control and cause problems.


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