My Words, My Way


I refuse to follow the rules
of most writers. I must
express my words, my way.

I don’t believe
in dramatic detail, complicated words
and forced meaning;
it takes away heart.

Words without heart
are like t’s
without crosses
and i’s
without dots.

As my words
line up here:

l e t t e r after l e t t e r

take them for what they are,
don’t over look them
for everything they are not,
and don’t force them
to be something they don’t want to.


40 thoughts on “My Words, My Way

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I hate when people tell me that poetry has to rhyme or have structure or it’s not poetry. Then it wouldn’t flow out as it wants. Writing from the heart is messy and imperfect, real.

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  2. Yesssss, man. I like to get centered into myself before I write and shove all those thoughts of ‘you can’t say that’ out of my mind. If poetry wasn’t an honest release well, then I wouldn’t love it so. :)

    Thank you for your words (and thoughts)!

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  3. love it but then again i love most of your writing it has so much meaning and you shouldn’t have to follow any rules other than to speak what’s on your mind and or heart


    1. You couldn’t be more right. Often writers (and poets) try and create a piece that is “flow-y” and “impressive” but it take away from the true meaning. I love writers who are true and honest to themselves.


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