House of Light

light house sunrise

I’ve been searching for a lighthouse,
one on the beach,
above crystal-clear waters.

It’s the lighthouse I need
and its entire purpose
is all that I am not.

A lighthouse is never lost,
never scared, and
never lacking purpose.

Its job is to guide, bring boats
back to shore, and help the lost.

It’s the lighthouse I desire
for its ability
to make find myself, once again.

10 thoughts on “House of Light

  1. I love everything about this Vinny! Lighthouses hold a special place in my heart. It is where my husband proposed to me on a cold, wet, BEAUTIFUL stormy day… there’s a story on that to follow on my blog ;) Thanks for posting this! It’s beautifully written.

    Sincerely, Ana.

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    1. It’s pretty cool that you have that connection to lighthouses and thank you for the awesome, little story. Really appreciate the kind words, thank you so much!


  2. funny, I have always thought of myself as a lighthouse. I am alone, I shine light on a path s others can be safe and most people only seek me out when they are in trouble…

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