Black Wings

black angel girl

She claimed she was an angel
straight from the white gates

She said she was immaculate, perfect,
and sent from the heavens above.

As for reality, she sported a black heart, withered wings,
a halo she borrowed from another

19 thoughts on “Black Wings

  1. Hi Vinny!
    Because I love your work I just nominated you for the Inspiring Blogger Award.
    As I am still learning, I haven’t a clue how to link you to my post in This comment so please checkout my post SASS-A-FIED BLOGGER AWARD (MAYBE…!) for your nomination.

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  2. I truly enjoyed this. It definitely resonated for different reasons…Regarding the above comment….yes, that is definitely part of the allure for myself towards poetry. Poems can mean such vastly different things to different readers. Perception….gives us a unique vantage point! Very well written!


  3. As the darkness of the world
    Turns her feathers
    to black

    Her heart still beats
    Just knowing
    There is a love light yet to be

    The sorrow of her smile
    Still caressed
    Her face as a single
    Tear will slide

    The purity of faith
    Ran within her veins
    There’s is a love
    So pure and so true

    That once it’s found
    Her wings will
    To a glistening
    Heaven white

    All she needs is


  4. Maybe it’s just me, but this poem kind of bums me out. I don’t particularly think this “black angel” is a bad person/dark person — but sounds like it’s someone trying very hard to fit into a perception of “perfect” or “pure” for the sake of being found worthy. I mean, great write, obviously. Just another viewpoint, I guess.


    1. Amazing response. I really like your interpretation & I totally agree with you. Just because she’s different doesn’t mean she should be looked down upon. Thank you for your awesome thoughts!


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