Grey Scale


He lives in black and white,
dreams in vivid color,
believes beauty is a myth,
and existence is a curse.

He knows there is good,
submerged in darkness,
lost and looking for light.

Good is like a firefly in the night,
stuck in a well:
so far down,
so far away
just flicker in the distance.

Nobody cares when good has gone missing,
except for when it’s dark
and there’s no one to guide them.

Yeah, that’s when they will care.

The moment they finally realize
no one likes to live
in colors of black and white

21 thoughts on “Grey Scale

  1. “No one likes to live in colors of black and white,” when there are different shades of grey in between to choose from, the grey spectrum. :) A lovely personal piece, I believe. :)


    1. I’ve always been a fan of darkness, night time and fireflies so I kind of mixed them all up and added them to this poem. Thanks for the thoughtful question!


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