Strangers on the Subway

Across from each other they’re apart:
two different worlds,
two different stories,
and two different paths.

For what brings
them together in:
this exact moment,
this exact time, and
this exact point of their lives
is a guess.

Fate? Luck? Destiny?

Maybe it’s nothing,
nothing at all.

What if told you
they were perfect for each other,
but him too nervous,
she too shy.

As he got up to leave,
it was his stop, he left her

the two never saw each other again.
Two, perfect strangers, on a subway.


25 thoughts on “Strangers on the Subway

  1. Wow, that was insightful. I was shocked by the total abruptness of the ending but a lot of things in life end abruptly don’t they? It is a very true poem.


  2. Yep, it happens this way. I like your control, and that you brought it into a story rather than abstracting only conceptual thought. You made it concrete and spoke to the affective with the abstract rather than abstracting the affective from the conceptual. That to me spells poetry, and you have it.


    1. Wow, thank you times a million. I try to be honest in my poetry and not and write big fancy words or impress w/ abstract thoughts. Really glad you enjoyed my piece


  3. Love it. It’s sad, but I can see the scene in my mind. It makes you wonder how many times have any of us missed out on something new by not breaking through our self imposed boundaries and reaching out to someone new?


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