Random Update No. 1


Hey to all the readers/followers on my blog.

How’s it going? I’m doing pretty well, thanks for asking lol

I just wanted to know if you guys enjoyed my writing and the stuff I have put out. My blog has changed a lot since I started it up a while ago, and I wanted to know if you guys liked my poetry and/ or creative writing.

Maybe, my old random, personal opinion posts?
Maybe, I should be quiet and never post again? Just kidding.

Are there any suggestions or ideas that I should work on moving forward?

Right now I post a lot of poetry (creative writing) and, I get awesome feedback, but I could change it up and post other things too. Let me know because I have an awesome following and support base, and I love posting stuff that everyone enjoys reading.

PS: You guys are awesome.
PPS: You guys are still awesome.


27 thoughts on “Random Update No. 1

  1. Never stop posting your poetry, I think you have a real talent there! Opinion pieces are always fun to read though, I just say write (or draw) whatever comes to you. You have a great writing voice so keep expanding and having fun with it. Best of luck. :)


    1. Thank you times a million, I still have a lot of poems that I haven’t written yet so they will keep on coming. Thanks (again) for the amazing comment (:


  2. You certainly have to keep the poetry coming, cause I love your work! But some personal opinion posts or drawings to create some diversity would be great too ;) Keep it up!


  3. I’ve been following your blog for a while, over three months, and I always enjoy your posts. Keep on blogging! Even if it seems small or unimportant, or you’re not sure, keep posting. Different things draw different people in. In other words, it’s good to explore different kinds of writing/poetry/posts. :-)


  4. Well if you stopped posting poetry I would have to come visit you and steal your personal journals when you’re not looking just so I could keep reading your work :P so yah… Don’t get quiet haha :).
    Just joking by the way, almost… Totally… Mostly :P


    1. Lol that was very cute :D The poems won’t stop and I’m making sure I lock up all of my secret poems just in case they ever do, but don’t worry ;P lol


      1. Hahaha good call :P
        Good idea to ask for feedback like btw! You asked many of the things I’m always wondering about my readers. Never crossed my mind to just ask. :)

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