No Traffic on Rt. 17

We take it for granted,
the ability to see and be seen;
ninety miles per hour on the highway
would be accompanied by red and blue lights,
not tonight.

It’s an orange-white street light
over your shoulder
masking the faint-taste of alcohol
on your tongue and
not judging you for what you have become,
but there to show you what you could be.

So look past the orange-white light
and to the skyline as it gets all of the attention.

When the city falls asleep,
remember who it is
guiding you home past midnight


35 thoughts on “No Traffic on Rt. 17

          1. Thank you haha. It’s really easy to pronounce in real life, I promise :p Do you happen to live in North Jersey btw?


              1. Thank you, thank you haha. Gotta thank my parents for that one!

                Oh me too! North jersey > everything basically. I live in Bergen county as well


                1. You are very welcome! NJ is pretty cool, not too sure if it’s better than everything, but it’s not too too bad lol That’s pretty cool, it’s a very small world!


                  1. I’ve been all over the US, only New Jersey really captured my heart. I mean I’m probably a little biased but still ha. Yea lol I’m near the Hackensack area


      1. I’ve been quite absent for a few months too, which might explain why I didn’t see this post earlier… But keep up the good work! Hope to read something new from you soon ;)


  1. Hi Vinny, your prose brings home how important those orange-white street lights are to all of us drivers and how peaceful the road looks without the crazy traffic that congests each mile of the highways! Its another good one you have put together and I wonder what you are going to write about soon!! Thank you.


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