He hides behind a new sea of camouflage
shades of green and brown colors
similar to the terrain he fights on:

it’s what he breaths now,
it consumes him
it’s his new norm.

He’s killed a man in cold-blood
and strangled another until his last breath.
He won’t let it be told
nor will he ever tell his family
or seven-year-old daughter;
he doesn’t want her dad to become the enemy.

He sits there alone in the desert,
under the stars as his camouflage colors
turn into shades of greys and blacks
for he is a man who has lost himself, behind army lines.

At home, he imagines
his daughter sitting on the window sill,
waiting for his return and running
down the front stairs and into his arms
before he can make it to the door.

The image shoots warmth through his veins
into his heart not for if
his moment will ever happen but when.

She doesn’t know it, maybe never will,
he stay alive for her
she is his hero

16 thoughts on “Camouflage

    1. Wow thank you for the amazing comment that really means a lot. This poem was so easy to write, it pretty much wrote itself, def. one of my personal favorites. Thank you (:


  1. So so sad yet so do true! Its repeated worldwide story for those who have experienced or/and are still enduring this type of heart-breaking life phase. I can too relate to your poignant versed poem when my lovely and most previous 2 children were little and has truly touched me! WOW Vinny – you have succeeded to write a powerful prose ….. Awesome stuff!!


    1. Thank you so much! I really liked the way this poem turned out, it was really easy to write & it pretty much wrote itself! Glad I could capture your emotions as well


      1. Apologies for my typos and I am sure you know what the words should have read… E.g. Precious and NOT Previous!!! My husband was a soldier when I was bringing up my kids! Tough times …. Godbless Vinny


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