A Touch of Grey

May I addcrow-187x300
a touch of grey
to your sky of blue.

For what I’ve seen
is not blue,
but something like
a passing storm
through your

flawless skies.

As a mix of gray
and touch of blue
will change the mood
to a sky
I would never
dare to ruin

I would like to thank Robert Frost’s Fragmentary Blue and Dust of Snow  as the premise to my combination of the two.

11 thoughts on “A Touch of Grey

  1. The sky is a blank canvas! Blues and greys are part of that flawless canvas in my opinion – an innocently written prose! Thank you Vinny for the interesting and deep thoughts you bring into my world :-)


    1. That is true and thank you (: Sometimes I write something then look back on it a few days later and wonder how I even could write that, it’s pretty cool lol


  2. I love this! Will have to reread those Robert Frost poems. He’s one of my favorite poets. I just found out last year he and I share a birthday which is cool since I’ve loved his work since like middle school :).
    I don’t remember the Frost poems you referenced here, but this poem of yours is beautiful.


    1. Wow thank you (like always) (: That’s really cool, he is was one of my favorite poets and only recently started reading his work too, very talented guy!


      1. I memorized a few of his poems for school when I was 15 and it’s amazing how a line of his here or there will come to my mind just when I need it. “The Road Less Traveled” has given me the courage to make many beautifully impractical decisions throughout the course of my life, decisions that took me in some fascinating directions. Funny how poetry can impact our life.


        1. I agree, it’s amazing that poetry can do that. A few well spoken words can really effect someone and change their mood in a positive or negative way, pretty crazy stuff


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