Why Do I Write?


Many have asked me, why do you write?

(Well… type, most times)

… actually no one has asked me that question lol

But, I thought it would be cool to describe the meaning behind the words, no pun intended.

I write to take my reader’s mind, and my own, off life and focus on something new. In the time I have my reader’s attention, I hope to display an emotion or idea that I am feeling and deliver it to them.

Writing is my outlet to a new world, it’s a place where I put my worries aside, open up my brain and see what is in there.

Writing is expression, writing is passion, writing is escape 


27 thoughts on “Why Do I Write?

    1. Actually I just checked it was called “until now” I can’t find it now tho. Meant to like and comment sooner :). So good!


        1. Oh good! I do that all the time on my website, I mean to hit ‘save to draft’ hit publish instead and half the time announce it to FB and or twitter lol. And usually it’s either unedited or ridiculously personal – or both haha :).


      1. Haha it’s like you’re a mind reader ;P

        Your blog is actually the only WordPress blog that I subscribe to via email so I get immediate notifications when you post :). Yep hooked.


  1. I enjoy your writing! The great thing about writers who have a passion for their words is that the readers can feel that passion, and it’s definitely reflected in yours as well!


    1. Thank you so much, I’m a pretty passionate guy, I really don’t hold my feelings in too well I usually just let them all and most time it’s on a page of some sort!


  2. Writing is one of the best escapes. It’s also one of the best ways to analyze something that has happened. I’ve written my way through all sorts of personal problems. It’s always worked way better than traditional therapy anyway. Yay writing! :]


  3. Vinny, there’s a saying that goes something like ‘if you put your mind to it, you can be, do and have whatever it is you want’… with writing, you can have all that and more! There are no limits, only new ways and new thoughts to explore. I enjoy that about writing… and reading, of course!


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