Celing Tiles

CeilingTiles_3D_1_0001.jpgb29e52e3-f832-4a26-a786-9f47a3f5e099LargeHe’s to impatient to wait,
too eager to relax,
too ambitious to stop

He sits there;
he knows he should stand.
He’s nervous,
nervous to make a mistake
and ruin his one chance.

He stares at the ceiling
and counts the tiles.
He taps his fingers anxiously.
He knows this time is his
not anyone else,
it’s his,

and he’s not sitting anymore.


7 thoughts on “Celing Tiles

  1. You know; I think we’ve all passed through that moment – usually of boredom – when really counting tiles. Sometimes I even do that on the street. If i think of it the way you put it in your poem, somehow it makes sense. There is no boredom; it’s anxiety, even desperation.
    Good work and keep on writing. Inspiration comes from the simple things in life and you just inspired me writing.


    1. Thank you so much for the amazing comment. I agree with you and it’s pretty much those daydream type moments that can inspire someone to write or do anything. Inspiration can come from anywhere and you never know when it might come!


  2. This beautiful prose rings true with a lot of individuals! Composing oneself and controlling our anxieties are challenges that most of us experience in our lives! Believing in ourselves makes our journey much smoother, happier, less anxious and more successful! Believe in oneself IS the key to our happiness and prosperity! Once again Vinny you have created a beautiful poem and most of us will connect to the words in our personal lives which are well written – as always! Thank you so much!


    1. No thank YOU for reading and taking the time to write an awesome response. It’s very true that without confidence and without belief in one’s self it would be really hard to achieve all of your goals, I’m glad you connected with it!


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