Sunkissed-MeadowsEver wonder
why the sun rises
only to stay for a while
then set into darkness?

Perhaps it’s the same
as why the moon can’t
spend an entire day.

As they take turns
back and forth
I wonder if
we’re better off in the dark

In the light we are exposed
a power-hungry planet,
even behind
a mid-afternoon sun
it still can’t mask
all of our flaws.

We can sit and soak
in the darkness
as the moon comes through the window
or wait
wait for the sun to rise
and turn on the lights

19 thoughts on “Sunkissed

  1. I love how you seem to find solace in the darkness,
    my eyes are blinded by the light of the sun.
    Day time means heat, hard work and the responsibilities of life. But at night your mind can explore and dream of what is and is to be, and what ever is no more. =)
    Basically i love all your work. it’s stunning


    1. Wow, thank you so much for the amazing compliment, so awesome (: Exactly, there is a weird balance between light and dark that we really don’t think about!


  2. I LOVE this! I have never heard the relationship between darkness and light put like that. I love smoothly your words flow. Good job! And thank you for checking out my blog :)


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