Down Stream


When they tremble
I tremble too. I wish I could help
give them a new meaning,

all twenty six letters line up, perfectly.
Who am I to rearrange them?

As they stand now forever they remain
cemented, together. A tight-knit family,
no comma, could break.

In my mind they are a block of ice
causing no harm floating down stream.

Why should I step on them and slip?

The pick-up and go is a feature I endeavor, but
I can only watch as letters come together
form words, curve into cursive flip around, turn
and maintain the same meaning.

It’s nothing to them, but
I’m too narrow-minded;
I wouldn’t dare
to attempt such change.

For now, I will look admire from a far
as they melt into water, drift into the current
and out toward the sea

9 thoughts on “Down Stream

  1. I like the way that the piece seems to suggest an inherent danger in words whilst still holding an almost-irresistible attraction.

    That opening line did it for me. It could stand as a piece on its own. It seemed to perfectly capture the power of words for me and why they bring such joy.


    1. Thanks and that’s what I was going for I’m glad you got my message. I wanted to mix in that danger of using and putting certain words and letters together. Love the feedback!


  2. I’ve heard somewhere along the way that the letter Z may be in line for being removed from the alphabet. When, where, how and why, I have no idea, Vinny… it’s just something I picked up. The letters may be re-arranged anyway! That makes me tremble! Your Way of Words – great poem once again – doesn’t contain a Z. It’s started already… ;)


    1. No! Z is an awesome letter, so Zebra would be spelled ebra without the Z? A petition needs to be started ASAP! lol Thank you again for the great comment!


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