White Chalk Lines


Looking at the Crayola drawings
hung up on the cabinet, take
me back to the time.
I was no longer by your side
but a part of a crowd
of whispers.

I was not ready to leave you
even the first class bell
made me jump,
it was like the alarm clock
I would learn to hate.

It reminds me of
that Elementary School black top,
you know, the one with the
white chalk lines
marking each grade.

As I stood there,
hands in my pockets,
afraid to reach out to
someone new,

But years later, now
I know why you let me go,
so I could keep coming home
to thank you

12 thoughts on “White Chalk Lines

  1. this is good. i mean good as in you should submit it to a poetry magazine. Are you an English major? submit this to say, Oberlin or Columbia or google new poets or unpublished, etc. and, don’t give permission for people to take your stuff. Consider your value and worth…blessings


    1. Thanks for the feedback and haven’t really gotten into the submitting yet, still writing a bunch of stuff! I don’t got the money to copy-rite stuff lol I am not a English major though, but I have taken a bunch of related classes.


      1. You shouldn’t wait. Many beginning poets submit w/out actual copyr. It is the end of year, so you may get into some contests before they close. If you’re posting it for all to see anyway, may as well submit. Sign your name with ‘all rights reserved’ and add a cr sign. As a fellow writer, I’d hate to see you sit on these ideas while they are fresh…best of luck!


        1. I will try to get on that soon. I just haven’t taken my stuff on a “professional” level yet. Really appreciate all of your advice though, thank you a bunch!


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