Dandelion Flower Seeds






One blow
frees the seeds
from its stem
coupled with a wish
it travels


washed up
along the riverside.
Picked up by
a wide-eyed child
with dirt-filled fingernails
as she goes to the water
to wash her hands.

She notices flower seeds
without a stem
where its beauty has gone

16 thoughts on “Dandelion Flower Seeds

      1. I actually enjoy quite a bit of your blog. You got some mad skills :) one of my fav blogs to read. Keep it up. If not for your own enjoyment but for the rest of us poor shmucks who read what is created in your head with interest.


        1. Thank you (again) lol I love your writing as well it’s really, really awesome. I’m one of your biggest fans so I may need your autograph soon! Oh yes, I always try to write for all of those “shmucks” out there :P


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