Stuffed Animal






As the dust begins to form
around this cardboard box
I hope you remember our past.

We used to be friends
best friends, actually.
I caught your falling tears
and pillowed your head,

we would stay up late
watching movies
and I never had a say
in the one I wanted,

but I never argued.
I just enjoyed your company.

College came,
followed by marriage
and you left me; stuck me up in the attic
to fend for myself.

Go and enjoy the rest of your life.
I’ll sit here and reflect on mine


24 thoughts on “Stuffed Animal

  1. This is seriously one of the cutest yet saddest things i have ever read… It reminds me of a friendship in the past couple of years that has basically just fallen apart and we have been friends since we were little… I’m that poor stuffed animal.


    1. That is never fun, but you are still here today so it’s all about living and moving on. I’m sure that poor stuffed animal up in the attic will get through it and find someone else down the road.


      1. I know it will its just weird and different. We live across the street from each other so it makes it harder. But I have great friends right now so its all good :) the poem just hit home haha


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