Write in Color

Etch out your idea
with a stencil and
begin with soft stroke of blue,
just inside the lines.
Then maybe a metaphor
and a simile,
make it a satire
only you could understand
keep them guessing,
wanting more.
Do it in first-person
write what you see
make it abstract,
but true to you
blend, create and
bring it to life.
Perhaps some personification,
create fingers, hands
a beating heart.
Add a coat on top,
a semi-gloss finish
dip back into water,


and do it again

18 thoughts on “Write in Color

  1. Well Vinny I needed to read the poem again and again and guess what…. the poem became alive with those cleverly constructed words of yours! Its definitely a deserved prize winner! Awesome poetry – well done – repeat -do it again! :-)


  2. Love the imagery of black and white, then movement into color. Made me realize that I often take seeing color for granted–whether in the world or in writing like your poem. Tomorrow I will appreciate and notice all of the color in my life! Thanks!


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