Reach for the Sky

Is life worth living without goals?

What is the point of waking up in the morning if you don’t go out into the world with a dream or task you want to do? Sometimes life goes by so fast; we don’t have time to achieve everything we set out to do.

There are people who are not born into the best family and don’t have everything that they ask for. Life isn’t handed to them, and they are one step behind the starting line. Those people dream of being normal, while normal people dream of  being in the upper class. It is a constant cycle of people trying to make it to the next level.

One thing that is equal for everyone in the world is the ability to go out, set a goal, and do everything in your power to meet it.

If life was so easy would there be a point to live it?

Life is the same for everyone, but people start at different points. In a way that is what makes life beautiful, but at the same time can tear it apart.

Many are handed money and fame without earning it and they usually take advantage of it. Others who strive to reach that level in their life usually appreciate the road it takes to get there. They make sure not to mess up their once in a lifetime chance. Even though there are still many people who abuse their status once they reach it.

When you wake up in the morning don’t roll out of bed thinking saying how your life will never change. Get out of bed with goals and dreams in mind. Let those dreams guide you and help you achieve happiness and satisfaction in your life. Never give up chasing your dreams no matter how much they try to outrun you.

“No one is born with a hand full of aces. No matter the hand you’re dealt there is always a chance to win.”

30 thoughts on “Reach for the Sky

  1. I absolutely love the optimism and passion you have for life. I am so lucky to come across your blog! I hope to carry that kind of passion, and if I can say so, idealism, that you have!


      1. Oh, now you’re just making things up.
        I’m only witty when I have enough response time, which includes when writing. Lol
        I’m actually going to school to be an English teacher :-)


          1. Gee, thaaaaanks. :P lol
            I actually hope to be the kickass teacher that everyone loves, simply because I had an English teacher like that when I was a junior in high school :)
            It’s crazy to think about the fact that I’ll (hopefully) be in a classroom by 2016, and the kindergarteners I worked with last year and this year won’t even be in high school until at least 2021. I’ll be old by then!!! Haha, 27 isn’t that old, but I digress. I’m good at that…


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