Dancing in the Dark



A soft breeze sifted through her silky, blonde hair as she skipped through a field of brightly, blossomed daisies. Her elegant dress swayed behind her following her every jump and twirl. She was hand in hand with the love of her life and grasped his hand tightly because she didn’t want to let go.

All of her life she had hoped for it all to come together, and at this exact moment and time she had that butterfly feeling she has longed for.

She made a promise to her love that they would be together forever and now they were alone: together, forever.

After years of searching, the person she fell in love with was right beside her this whole time. When they met, it was love at first sight and it was a day she would never forget.

They were inseparable. Where she went he was there to follow. Not a moment went by without them thinking about each other. Every single night before bed, she reached over and whispered in his ear how important he was to her.

Every single night she would say the same thing….

Her flashback dream began to turn into a reality as red and blue entwined in the distance. Her skip became a walk and she loosened her grip to let her love fall to the floor.

The cop car lights illuminated her face as she sluggishly turned around to face the cop. Eye liner ran down her cheek and her white dress was stained red.

The cop approached and said, “Excuse me, Miss, why are you out here in the dark?”

Her lips moved, but no words came out.

She reached to the ground to pick up her companion and ran toward the cop, inserted her lover into the cop’s side and he fell to the floor.

She stood above him with a smirk.

Galaxies of stars were the only witnesses to what had just happened.

She held up her love up to the moonlight as she stared into his eyes.

They shared the same pair of eyes and the same silky, blonde hair. She felt along his curves and loved the way he held her. She wiped her hand on her dress and whispered to her newlywed, “You said forever, right?” and smiled.

She lifted her dress off of the ground and skipped off into the night as her dress struggled to keep up behind her.


38 thoughts on “Dancing in the Dark

        1. I actually plan on retiring soon, going to have a big ceremony and everything jk lol That really means a lot, never thought others would really enjoy my writing to be honest >.<


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