In My Mind





A tear fell to the floor,
pen in hand,
and idea in mind
it did not come out

He wrote, erased
tried to write again.
He ran out the room;
still stuck inside.

Bars kept him trapped
the same ones in his mind

30 thoughts on “In My Mind

  1. Thanks for responding to my poem “After Words”–I was glad to see that you write poetry too, because no matter what other writing (or even visual art) one does, returning to poetry attunes the ear (for language–words) and the eyes (for image).


        1. Writers usually don’t like what they write it’s just the writing way :P But, it’s awesome you like it, cool to know I have me own fan club >.< lol


                    1. Guys don’t like guys who write poems that make their girlfriends wish they could do the same.


                    2. That’s true, but those poems all fall under the boring, flowery poems lol All my writing is different, well I think, from others and I like that type of style!


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