Luck or Fate?

Millions of people pay money to win the lottery. There is not one person in the world who wouldn’t like to win a few million dollars. What if by some crazy chance you happened to win?

Would you justify it by saying you were lucky or was it fate?

Being lucky or unlucky is something you are not born with. It is something that just happens. Sometimes there is no reasoning for things that happen.

People like to use the word fate because it justifies something that happened. It gives a definitive meaning to the question, why?

Many people tend to think that fate is going to lead them on their path of life. Some think that they were born with some sort of purpose or contribution that they are going to make one day. Many people who are religious believe in fate and destiny as well. I am pretty religious myself, and I think that you can have faith; it’s to hard believe in fate.

Faith is easy to have. Fate, well not so much

Finding a heads up penny on the street is considered good luck, but why? I really don’t understand who came up with this idea. Did some lucky guy find a heads up penny on the ground and this lead to his luck? Maybe, it was lucky for him, but why the heck would it be lucky for me!

The sun will rise tomorrow and life will go on if you have luck, fate, neither or both.

24 thoughts on “Luck or Fate?

  1. Destiny is always such an obscure topic. Luck is probability, just a coincidence, but you’re right, fate is something much bigger than that. Believing in fate to a certain extent limits the control and power that you have in your own life, but sometimes we just need to know that in the end everything will be ok.


  2. I’ve actually had similar thoughts recently and it all started when I actually picked up a heads up penny. Did anything “lucky” happen? Not that I can recall, but if I didn’t pick it up would something else have happened to make me think it was “unlucky”? Seems silly that a penny created a spiral of thoughts like that! Good post!


  3. What a great post! luck, blessings, favor and fate. Do they relate? Sounds like a great college English paper.


  4. I actually think that there are a lot of people who would turn down millions of dollars from the lottery – crazy as it is. Those people, I think, are the ones that are too happy with who they are, where they are, what direction they’re heading in, and their relationship with God to be too concerned with lots of money. You know?


    1. I’m sure there are some, but I know if it was me, the least I would do is take it and donate it to a good cause. I wouldn’t let money pass me by if I could give it to some other people in need! That’s just me


  5. I believe in Luck rather than Fate, but imao, the only thing able to alter my Luck is my outlook; because you can only find luck if you look for it. Fate and Destiny may be similar: If you have a way, a path, a direction, then you will influence events in order to fulfill your perceived destiny


    1. I agree when you say, “you can only find luck if you look for it.” Luck usually finds you before you find luck. Fate and Destiny does give people a reason to keep moving on in tough times and I think it can be really helpful.


  6. You’ve gotta make theories about this kind of stuff and test them. I have this thing, where I used to avoid the dread three grids, and now I make a point of stepping on each one. I still haven’t won a million pound, but I also haven’t fallen down a grid, you win some, you lose some :)


    1. ^ I agree! No one will ever know if any theory is true. Pretty much you have to live life and not worry about any of them! Well I think so >.<


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