Without a Sparkle

Take away the glimmer, glossy effects and what is left behind?

Now walk down the street, look around and tell me what you see.

Most likely you are going to see a lot of pretty colors and bright lights. Sometimes those colors and lights are there to hide what is underneath.

There are so many things that are covered up from their true natural beauty. We live in a world covered with riddles, but no answers. Sometimes it feels as if the world is a painting with beautiful colors and brushstrokes, but behind it is a blank canvas.

It is so hard to find natural beauty in a person, but it is easy to find in nature. Just look up on a dark night and you will find it. To find beauty in a person is like going through a maze.

Lights shine all around of us, but is it really a cover up for what may be underneath?
Sure the earth shines brighter than any planet in the solar system. Look at the earth from space it is easy to get lost in its exterior beauty. The colors that shine off in the dark sky will leave you in awe.

As you get closer and closer you see the big, white puffy clouds hiding what is underneath.

Under the clouds are groups of people fighting each other to get to the top. Even people of the same race, color and generation all fighting for a chance to stand tall and look down at everyone else. It’s a pretty world we live in, but the people on it, not so much. There are a lot of people in the world with good in their heart even though it may not show.

I just hope that one day, the world from a distance will be just as beautiful as the world through a magnified glass.

12 thoughts on “Without a Sparkle

  1. I LOVE the behind the scenes we think it’s beautiful painting but really it’s a blank canvas. That’s so true! Every week I seem to grow more cynical :( I like to believe we live in a world where we all try to get each other to the top. Because really none of us get there if we all don’t go together. But no one seems to believe that anymore. . . Do they?


    1. Everyone kind of has the,me against the world mentality and It’s hard not to blame them. There is so much craziness in the world today so it is really hard to trust other people in order to come together and make a change.


  2. I get what you’re saying, but then in my mind I turned it around. Maybe I want people to really know me before my beauty shows. Maybe that is the true beauty of people is that they are mazes. Maybe the awe lies in the maze and not in the beauty? I love nature for the way it is raw and yes, the beauty if right there when you need it. I love the complexity of people as well.

    I liked how this post made me think. Thanks for that!


  3. That was awesome. It kind of reminds of Wall-E, with the the outward beauty of the planet, but the people and how we’ve treated it made it uninhabitable. Sometimes, you have to just stop and appreciate the beauty of the planet and her inhabitants, and quit the killing and maiming. It might be a little philosophical, but that was my take on it.


    1. I have surprisingly never seen Wall-E. I have seen most of those Disney type movies so I’m surprised I have never seen it lol But I totally agree with you “philosophy” kind of review lol


      1. Thanks. You should definitely check out Wall-E. And I am a 29-year old who watches Disney films without reservation, in reference to another post of yours.


        1. Really? Wow thought I was the only one, but I’m a guy so it’s a little harder for me to get away with it. Anyone who watches Disney movies are awesome :P lol


          1. Yes, we are. I don’t see why it should be harder for guys. My own mom judges me for watching animated anything because I am over the age of ten. I don’t feel the need to explain why I watch them. They still appeal to me, and I get the references I wouldn’t have got when I was a kid.


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