After the Storm

Neither a word nor whisper in the air.
A man staggers down the street
caressing a photograph in his hand.
Wind gusts swirl through a tortured town,
toward a new destination;
tall, marvelous buildings now
undressed with their gowns lying on the floor

Birds creep into cracks; they
have no songs left to sing.

Tears trickle down the man’s face as
his lips draw a blank,
memories flash in his head.

The sun, a familiar visitor,
rises to watch and spread love to the survivors

Onward to the next town,
the wind lifts picks up the photograph
for a roller coaster ride.

A school of fish once splashed in the sea,
now stuck to the sand.

The man says a final goodbye;
his picture swirls toward the sky

Author: Vinny Lanni

Hey! I like writing... and Italian food

30 thoughts on “After the Storm”

  1. I didn’t even know you had posted a new poem. My reader on WordPress clearly is broken. What a beautiful poem, even without the photo.


    1. Really? Darn. Maybe WordPress hates more or something lol I was going to add a picture, but I was like you know what, I want the words to paint the picture for me and thank you!


      1. You’re welcome! Yeah, if my phone is right, you posted the poem December 27. I just got the notification forty-five minutes ago.


  2. Hi Vinny
    Thanks for swinging by my blog & letting me know you did :)) Gives me an extra push to get myself motivated to actually post something a bit more constructive soon LOL! HTK


      1. Lol I’m ok at art but painting with words is much more fun and there’s no paint brushes to wash after :P. But yah the imagery in your poetry captured my attention right off (:


      2. “No paint brushes to wash after” <— this is so very true, but I do miss art class in Elementary school :/ Stop with all of the niceness over there Ms.! :P


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