Perfectly Imperfect

Tell me how this sounds, the perfect life, looks and family.

All of these things sound pretty good, right? Many strive to be perfect, aspire to be presidents, and world leaders. It has been taught that practice makes perfect and anything short of perfection was not acceptable. I believe perfection is a goal that is not obtainable.

Growing up I have always tried to make my parents proud. When I did something wrong I made it hard on myself to learn from my mistakes and get better. A speeding ticket here, argument there, and I knew I was not perfect.

When it came time to take a placement test for college I scored well below the high expectations I set for myself. Because I scored poorly, I needed to take three extra classes before I could start taking my normal classes.

The thing that hurt the most was the extra money it cost my parents to pay for the classes and it was all because I couldn’t reach the standards I set for myself.

With a tear in my eyes, I promised to change and never fall short of my goals. I improved my grades, lowered my high expectations and really put the word perfect in perspective.

Today many people adore celebrities, athletes and musicians. They live a life that many want and want to have. These groups of people in the higher anarchy of life are considered perfect to many. Even though they are considered perfect, it still doesn’t mean that they are perfect, and I am sure many feel they aren’t.

There are many celebrities who are talented, but not perfect. Someone may be a good singer, but they aren’t perfect, which is why they practice every day.

Even getting a 100 on a test and having a 4.0 GPA is wonderful, but it isn’t perfect.


It just means that you put time and dedication into school and you are rewarded for it by getting good grades. Does it mean that you are better than anyone else? It means that you might know more about what you studied, but still nowhere near perfect, it doesn’t make you the perfect student.

It means 4.0 students and people who dropped out of high school both watch the same sunrise in the morning and the same sunset at night.

Both still people in the same world, but one may be stronger in certain aspects in life than another, and it doesn’t make them a better of a person.

Perfection will never be achieved. I’m sorry it’s true.

Instead of worrying about being perfect, worry about being happy and being the best person that you can be. Worry about helping others and helping them become happy and become a better person that is something that perfection can never do.

21 thoughts on “Perfectly Imperfect

  1. Some of them are pressured – some aren’t. But there are too many that “think’ they are perfect. I’m not sure where that mindset comes from…parents? Peer pressure? Media pressure? I always stress good health and healthy competition but perfection…it’s not possible.


    1. Agree perfection will never be obtainable. The reason is, there is no actual definition of perfection, so many are reaching for a goal that is not obtainable!


  2. Great post Viinni – so many kids at the gym want to be…or think they are…perfect. Until they get knocked down somehow. I remember reading one professional athlete had a statement over his locker as a reminder. “Strive to do your best. Excellence is but fleeting so perfection doesn’t exist.”
    That’s sort of my mantra cause Lord knows I’m a far cry from perfect!!


    1. Dudes can go to the gym all they want to try and be perfect. They will never get there. If there doing it for health and staying fit I’m all for it. If they go just for the sake of going because they are pressured to, it doesn’t make sense!


  3. I agree with this. You know, speaking of art and perfection… My school had an art exhibition some time back. I thought my children’s work were perfect – oh wait, close to perfect – for four year olds. But not the management. And so many of the children had to work on a second piece, on a fresh sheet of cloth (you may or may not heard of this but we made use of a technique known as “Batik”). I was very unhappy about this. The children gave their all in the first piece and that was what they were hoping to see on the walls in the art gallery. The second piece was just forced out of them. And I kept trying to explain that the imperfections in children’s art is what makes it all so unique and authentic and as perfect as it can get. They didn’t get that though. Ugh!


    1. Well art is just like life! The whole “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is so true. People should be able to express themselves without being labeled as anything!


  4. hey Vinny good blog I was just talking to one of my students today about this very subject. she ALWAYS try to make her painting or drawing perfect it drives ME crazy!! (lol) but i keep my cool and tell her to be happy with what shes has and art is like your signature not everyone is the same.


    1. This crazy painters. Even that Andy Warhol dude has some crazy painting, I think there crazy, but some people love them. That is pretty much the same interpretation of art and perfection if you think of it!


  5. What a great post! I loved the comparison to celebrities and having talent doesn’t equate to perfection. It’s so true. I agree and love the message of this post. We should strive to be good human beings and be happy. Not strive to reach an unobtainable goal.

    P.s. thanks for the like on my recent blog post. I popped over to return the favor. Happy Blogging!


  6. Maybe people think simplicity is boring, and that anything ostentatious encompasses all things great and celeb-like. I mean why else would people pay ridiculous amounts on [insert some ridiculously high priced band name here], its just to show off isnt it? And the more that you ‘look’ perfect the more people will think that you are. Im pretty sure people care more about how other people see them than how they see themselves. Thanks for the like btw =)


    1. That is very true. I’m sure there are people that look in the mirror and hate the way they look. The thing is they know this is “normal” in society. Even though they don’t like they way the look they still cater to society.


  7. Great post i agree with you about this i also think that there isn’t something or someone as perfect….
    Celebrities sure aren’t perfect i don’t who would think that O.o…
    The world would be boring if it was really perfect…the imperfectness is was makes it interesting…


    1. I know perfection is so boring! If everyone had the right answers to everything, life wouldn’t be as exciting as it is now. Sure there are some things I wish I knew, but living to find those answers keeps us going.


  8. OH MY GOODNESS. Dude, I have a post sitting in my draft box and part of it talks about there not being such thing as perfection and I’d love to link back to this post of yours when I publish it if that’s koo :)

    Feel like you’re reading my mind!


      1. Oh! And pls leave a 10-word-or-less description of your blog for my new page, it’s a list of my readers’ blogs! (It’s the most recent post on my blog but will be up as a page also). Thx!


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