More About Me

I have decided to come up with a list of my likes and dislikes. I put my top 10 (some more serious than other) in bold.

They are in no particular order. I’ll probably keep updating this throughout the years. I am sure that I will find something new to add on here!


  • PIZZA, bacon, bacon pizza, penguins, HEY ARNOLD, spaghetti, Rob and Big, anything blue, Lupe Fiasco, CHRISTMAS, bubble gum, acoustic guitars, FAMILY & FRIENDS, shyness, sleep,  Kit-Kats, music, SNOW, arcades, libraries, Yoshi, Monsters Inc, VIDEO GAMES, lol’s, dorks, geeks, nerds, SPORTS, art,skylines, new shoes, sweatpants, Elf (the movie),  eBay, blue eyes, MUSIC, Ninja Turtles, pillows,  emojis, the NEW YORK JETS, city lights, lazy Sundays, ITALIAN ICE, Mountain Dew Code Red.


  • BUMBLEBEES, super hot days, NEEDLES, heights, SELF-CENTERED PEOPLE,  doctors offices, CUCUMBERS, BRIDGES, spicy food, getting older, spiders, mornings,the day after Christmas, perfection, airplanes, PAPER CUTS, popular trends, home work, red lights,  getting on escalators, BEING SELF CONSCIOUS, contacts, Tom Brady, loud people, not having gas in my car, sunburn, BEING SICK, roller coasters,  STEREOTYPES,  broken promises, ladders, POLLEN.


74 thoughts on “More About Me

  1. Hey Arnold, Code Red Mountain Dew, Bacon, and Yoshi…good mix right there (:

    PS: totally agree with you that the last gummy bear in a pack is a major dislike. That portion made me smile haha. Hope you’re having a great week (:


    1. Right? Those are some of the greatest things ever invented, I’m glad that you agree! Glad I could make you smile too! (: PS: That’s why you always buy double the packs of gummy bears lol


  2. It may be naive but I don’t think there’s ever a dream too big. But maybe that’s also because I’m a writer and there’s a certain optimism we have to have to call ourselves one of those.
    Other than that snow is my soul mate and I appreciate the little smiley face in the top right of your pages :)


  3. A list full of interesting but not unusual likes & dislikes information about you Vinny :-) – you come across like a nice well brought up person….. A good lad and a person who is warm, kind and friendly! Your poetry reflects the kind of person you are and strongly demonstrates what type of person you are! The list might change over time but not the moral side type person you are inside! Your parents deserve a praise ….well done mum & dad …. And btw – your room needs to be cleaned despite your dislike – unless YOU keep it clean Vinny !!? :-) peace and love as always. Marthese x


    1. I don’t like when my room is too too clean it just feels really weird. It has to be at least a little dirty! And thank you for the kind words, I am just your normal, simple fellow just like everyone else! Really appreciate all of your comments, it’s really nice


    1. Really?! I thought I was like the only person in the whole world who liked a bunch of that silly, weird stuff. Oh man this is awesome :D I’m curious what 4% you didn’t like :P


      1. Nope, nope. Hello fellow-person-who-likes-silly stuff :D

        Oh, from your likes: Rob and Big, pumpkin flavored things, wheat thins, country accents, NY Jets, mountain dew code red
        (the food items are mostly because I’ve never tried them, so no opinion really)

        Dislikes (meaning, I do like these): the day after christmas, really scary movies

        When it comes to scary movies, though, I have to watch them with at least 4 other people. Too scared to do it otherwise lol. Other than those, I agree with you on everything else.


          1. No no! We should definitely talk! The day after Christmas is so relaxing. I just spend time with my mom and my brother, we watch some movies and eat leftovers from Christmas. It’s amazing =D

            With scary movies, I can only watch them if there are at least 3 other people with me. I’m still paranoid for weeks afterwards, but it’s worth it haha


            1. Fineeee >.< lol Oh, well I suppose if you put it that way, then I like the day after Christmas too, but I don't like that it is over :P I totally agree, I just don't like scary movies, there are no need for them. Then again I get scared really easily :X


              1. Yay!! Oh, I’m sad that it’s over too, but the day after is nice. The same with Thanksgiving. I’m easily scared too! Gah, it’s horrible, but I still watch them anyway. My friends want to watch a scary movie sometime this weekend. I’m not ready for it lol


                    1. Disney movies are amazing! I can’t even say what my favorite Disney movie is because there are so many, but my favorite princess movie is Mulan. It’s awesome! Do you have a favorite Disney movie?


                    2. Mulan? I actually never even heard of it! :O Hmm Disney movies, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc may be some of the two of the best movies everrrr, in my opinion. Actually I don’t even know if there Disney :P


                    3. Never heard of it?! Oh, you have to watch it in your free time. Beyond fantastic. Haha I love Monsters Inc. Did you know they are making a sequel? I think Monsters Inc is done by Pixar but released by Disney…or something like that. I think Finding Nemo is the same. So they’re both technically Pixar. Either way, awesome movies =D


                    4. Nooo I never heard of it .___. Beyond fantastic? I thought you couldn’t get higher than fantastic! lol I heard that they were making a sequel, I might be the only older person there, with a bunch of kids, well maybe you’ll be there too :P lol Heck yes, they are two of the best movies evahh(:


                    5. I didn’t think there was anything beyond fantastic either, but Mulan is! Haha of course I’m going to see it in theaters. Even if I am old, it’s going to be exciting.


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