Superpowers, I Want One!

Wouldn’t life be so much better if you had superpowers?

I mean… come on, the ability to fly, shoot lasers from your eyes or run at the speed of light would be pretty epic. What if one day you had the ability to chose one super power that you could have for the rest of your life?

So, you wake up and check your mail for your daily bills, and you see this mysterious letter. This is no any ordinary letter, it is in a blue envelope and stamped with a yellow S-shaped logo. You look at it from all angles just to make sure it’s safe and finally get the courage to open this mysterious letter. Reading through the letter, you can’t believe what you have just read. It was from Superman himself; he has selected you to be his new sidekick. He said that you could have one (any) superpower of your choice. He also stated that he is flying over to your house tomorrow to pick you up!

What are the chances that both of them happen to use their laser beams at the same time. Gosh!

Here it is, the big decision. You thought to choose what to eat for breakfast was a tough decision but how about this one. One super power that you can have for the rest of your life. If it were me, I would have to sit down and think about this one.

Let’s start with flying; this one would be a favorite choice of many. It would be cool, but there are already other things that fly, like planes and birds. I fear that I would hit into a bird on my way to beat down some evil villain. Next, on my list would be laser beams, the kind that Cyclops from X-Men has. Laser beams are pretty awesome and would be useful if you would have to fight some evil villains. What if an evil villain had the non-breakable metal suit? Never thought of that did you, exactly. I don’t think that would be the best choice.

I think I have it. The greatest super power of all-time and it is waiting for it wait for it… invisibility! That has to be the winner, right? You could walk through walls, sneak behind villains and attack them or even sneak into the White House to see what the president does on a day-to-day basis. Invisibility would be my choice. You could even go to the supermarket, switch on the invisibility mode, take the candy bar you wanted and head on out. Invisibility would not only help against fighting villains, but it would also help you in many other ways as well.

When it comes down to it and the choice of any super power to choose for life, give me my invisibility!

41 thoughts on “Superpowers, I Want One!

  1. I wrote a post similar to this on my own blog :) I don’t trust anyone who says they wouldn’t want a superpower!

    I’d pick time travel I think. But there are so many good options, it would be hard to choose.


  2. Why has no one said mind control? I mean it nullifies all other super powers…and not the kind that aluminum foil hats or averting your eyes from a giant hypnosis wheel on my forehead can fix…I mean the I think it, you do it kind…clear winner! Plus, I get the spoils of a lot of other super powers too…I might not be able to fly, but that guy can carry me! I would never be caught invisibly stealing candy, because the store owner would hand it to me…I can’t play air guitar, but I can make you think I can… Thanks for checking out my blog and liking my posts by the way…you’re very funny and I wouldn’t have known that if you hadn’t liked my posts and then I hadn’t hunted you down on the interwebs! So, good jobs, congrats on your new stalker…who has mind control powers…


      1. It came to me in a dream! You could play any instrument you could imagine! Perhaps I should add to that power that you would also have the power to play all the instruments WELL


  3. I’m entertained that you’d go for invisibility because it would make it easier to shoplift. haha. only super villains do that.


  4. I would pick Teleportation.
    The thought of being able to instantly teleport to any location in the world is brilliant! No more waits anywhere or crazy long commutes. Poof! and I’m there.

    One downfall to invisibility is that don’t you still generate body heat when you’re invisible? Therefore, you would be powerless against heat vision equipment.


    1. That would be pretty helpful, but…but….but that would never help you take down any villains that may try and attack innocent people!

      Well I would make sure I was protected against all heat vision equipment :P


      1. Au contraire, I can take down villains :) As I have the power to teleport anything I hold on to with me. Also, I can touch a person or object and teleport only that object to the destination of my choice without teleporting with them. Therefore, I can vanquish villains to distant lands. Also I can save people from burning buildings, hostage takings etc…


        1. I suppose you have a point there. I would just be afraid to teleport. One minute you could be on the beach in Jamaica and in the next second you would end up in Antarctica still with your bathing suit on. Scary stuff :P


          1. Ha! True. Teleportation isn’t 100% accurate especially if I decide to teleport something of massive weight. This may lead to unpredictable teleportation.


  5. EPIC. This post is pretty awesome.I would choose to be able to absorb the powers from my evil villain. If you saw heroes you know what i am talking about.


  6. I would want to be hyper-intelligent. That way I would not only be set for life but I could also come up with ways to achieve other abilities (like invisibility :) ) through the power of Science!


    1. I don’t know if I would ever want to be that smart! I would over look stuff and know way too much about things. I think life would be too complex lol


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