Look Beyond Looks

What does the word beautiful mean?

Is it what the media tells us or is it really that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Personally, I believe beauty is defined by what the media says.

Many people take one look in a mirror, and they look away. They say to themselves that they are not “beautiful”  and say that they don’t have the perfect eyes, nose, or smile.  Then again what does the word, perfect actually mean? The answer is the word, perfect, and the word beautiful is whatever you want it to say. It is perception.

The only point of a mirror is for someone at themselves and find their flaws instead of identifying their something good about them self. Even so-called actors and actresses look in the mirror and even though they are considered “perfect” they can still point out flaws about themselves.

If these “beautiful” people thought they were fine the way they are then why do they go out and spend millions of designer clothes and cosmetic surgery?

Beyonce is the 2012 most beautiful woman. What makes her “beautiful”?

Look at any front page of a magazine and tell what do you see. You see the media’s idea of the most attractive person.

Why is this the model of what is considered beautiful?

Instead of having the most attractive person on the cover of a  magazine, how about you put someone who as actually made in impact on someone’s life. Try putting someone in the spotlight who has invented something that made a difference or maybe someone who spent their time helping others. Those are people who deserve to be on magazine covers and have cameras follow them around.

Next time you look into the mirror, think.

I want you to think, is this what I want to be? Do these clothes, shoes, and style fit who I am?

Make sure you are being the person that you want to be and not the person you want others to think you are. Stay true to yourself and don’t change for anyone, no matter what others think of you.

People can call you unattractive and this and that, but so what?

That is their opinion and who cares what they may think. Want to know the real definition of beautiful?  The people who don’t judge a book by a cover are the definition of beautiful.

Someone who can be them self without worrying what others think of them is what the word “beautiful” really means.

15 thoughts on “Look Beyond Looks

  1. If only more people could get behind this-myself included. As an aging (I am 32 for the record) lady, it’s hard as hell to gain a footing on what I am supposed to look like now vs. what I feel I should look like. There is no market for a 32 year olds, we are shown the very young, or the somewhat older, and told to be like one or the other….I don’t want to be like either. I just want to be me and to be okay with that…but cultural inundations of beauty are a hard thing to remove from perceptions.


    1. Agreed. It just comes down to being your self and really not caring what anyone thinks of you! Doesn’t matter if your 30 or 80 as long as you are staying true to yourself that is all that matters!


  2. Love this! What the media defines as beautiful shouldn’t be the universal standard. Unfortunately people think that in order to be “beautiful” they need to starve themselves or workout excessively. Beauty needs to start being defined by character not appearances.


  3. Great post and message, Vinny!
    I do agree with Randen that some of our obsession with looks can probably be explained by evolutionary theory. But I hear what you’re saying. It’s the overwhelming focus on “beauty” by society that can be really harmful, especially when young people are targeted. During that period of time when you’re so impressionable and insecure about yourself to begin with, you need messages of what a great person you are to begin with, not what you should be to be considered a desirable person.


    1. Thank you very much! It’s just a shame that the media paints this picture that beauty equals perfection. People tend to become so consumed by this and its terrible to see!


  4. Hmm I see what your trying to say here. I will agree to your point that perception plays a big role. However, personally I think there are some really simple answers here. Posing the question, why do we consider the things we do as beautiful? I think this is a two fold answer, first of all it is definitely conditioning via our culture and society. A thousand years ago there were things in men and women that were considered beautiful that we don’t appreciate now.

    Aside from the conditioning, or evolution might be a better word. I think the biggest reason we find the opposite sex (or same sex for some of you) attractive is we subconsciously appreciate certain qualities, as if you were an animal looking for a mate to reproduce. You can call this silly, but people tend to forget that we STILL belong to the animal kingdom despite all of our self-righteous and center of the universe type attitudes.

    Still not convinced? There are hundreds of examples of animals that will choose a mate based on the most readily available and physically attractive ones, small example would be birds that use vibrant colors to attract mates. So overall, yes we are somewhat “conditioned” in what is and isn’t beautiful, however I think on the simplest level we make physical assessments on potential mates based on instinct, and that won’t ever change. Call it shallow, but hence why people with only “beautiful” personalities have less success sometimes in partners than people that have nice physical qualities. We are victim of our own animal instincts.


    1. The whole animal comparison thing is pretty cool. Really never knew too much about that.

      I just don’t understand when you turn on the television or buy a magazine or even walk down the street it is all based on looks. Face it, television and magazines are like Hollywood. It is only for the popular and “good looking” type of people.

      Another thing I don’t get is make-up or fancy clothes and all of this stuff. What is the point of make-up? It is to cover up imperfections. Yet, every girl uses it, as well as some guys. It is used just to hide behind a mask of someone they really aren’t.

      Beauty is defined differently for different people, but having perceptions of what”beauty” really is defined by someone kills what the word beautiful really means.


      1. Well makeup has been being used for an extremely long time, so nothing new there. However, I do agree that the “Hollywood” definitely sells people an image. For example, pick up a fashion magazine and look at the stick figure women that are modeling the clothes…. how is that supposed to be attractive??

        Then again, one mans garbage is another mans treasure so who knows. There is definitely a fair amount of conditioning, ultimately it’s up to each individual person to define what beauty is, and then to go out and try to find it.


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